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BLACK FRIDAY 2015 - News , Gossip , Screenshots and MORE!


The yearly xat tradition has once again commenced - traders and non traders as always merge into a community and find out all the information which occurs today ... "Black Friday".

It started at 7.00pm GMT on Thanksgiving Day where xat announced on Twitter the following -

As usual , Admins usually get warmed up for this event by adding a huge discount when promoting your chat.

However , at an unusual time of **10.00pm GMT** there was a new post about the real deal:

Black Friday Special: 1000 users selected for half price limited powers, including 2 Golds!
 Here is how it works:

  • Click on the link which is shown on xats Twitter page. 
  • Once redirected to that page , click the following link which shows there.
  • Follow the instructions via above.
  • If you were one of the lucky 1000 , click on the Power accept the Terms and Conditions and then accept purchase.
  • NOTE: It lasts 24 hours , any unclaimed prizes will disappear FOREVER!
If you were not the lucky user , it will say 'Sorry not this time'. You are only able to try once per ID. It will NOT change result. 

Here is what it looks like when you have won:

Although in theory it's a good concept, it has caused huge anger amongst users. Here are a few valid points that they've made -

  • Xat randomly chooses 1000 people . Some say that they automatically choose the Volunteers to win.
  • There are millions of unused / 'bot' accounts which could have been chosen to win.
  • Are all the users that had a chance to win all 'registered?'
  • Some people have won good prizes but are not sure on how to claim , some are also not able to speak English well.

The wonderful reactions have been spread across the chats by users updating their name and status to the following -


Admins have released a new post on their @Twitter page , stating that 10,000 more people have been added to the 'lucky dip'. It also states that there are several powers to be won!

Here were the prices for the following powers listed in the screenshot above before Black Friday:

Gold - 53,000 - 53,500 xats
Boot - 8000 - 8500 xats
Angel - 16000 - 16500 xats
Clear - 5000 - 5500 xats
Fade - 1500 - 1550 xats
Personal opinions and further screenshots will be added within the next 24 hours! Keep checking our Blog to get updated with the latest!

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