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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Monchocho's Got RICK ASTLEY Fever!


These club penguin chats sure love to be trolled, attacked, and raided, and this morning they've been attacked by celebrity singer Rick Astley

This happened at 9.30am GMT and in my opinion I found it really funny as I was there!

Were you also on the chat when this happened? Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

34M ID Spotted!

Hey guys!

I managed to find Joseph with another extremely rare 8 digit ID, known as 34M! I saw him on Fort last night, take a look at his ID!

Seems pretty cool, doesn't it?! What do you think? Make sure you leave a comment and let me know!

LONDON 2012: Official OLYMPIC Power Guide... ALL the Releases, Gossip, and More!

Hey guys!

You're looking at the one and only new thing I'll be doing with all LIMITED powers from now on as a way to improve the blog, it's the ...

This is only going to be the most ULTIMATE tracker to give you all the information needed, with every form of release covered!
We will start from the OLYMPIC power. Yes, we already have a few releases on other posts, but from now on we will post the rest of the releases on this post, so make sure you check out this post.

We will do separate posts for different powers so you won't get confused. Also, this only covers limited powers.

You can help by leaving a comment below this post helping us out with information we've missed out, because sometimes I can't make it as I'm in the United Kingdom.

 Note: This tracker is manually updated by me or other members of the crew from this blog. We accept comments for our tracking, where you can also help by filling out missing information from the power, such as the quantity or what time it was released!

5th release At 3.15pm GMT xat released x500 OLYMPIC powers costing 250 xats each. The price on Trade is now currently 330 - 370 xats

6th release - The release took place at midnight for the UK, as 500 released to make the price on Trade 300 - 350 xats .

7th release - At **10am GMT** x500 released costing 250 xats each. Make sure you get yours now before it runs out!

10:09am Update: Don't worry guys, the release is going very slowly, much slower than the previous ones we've witnessed! And it's Day 3 of the Olympic games, so the power could still be in demand! Buy as many as you can =D

10.35pm Sold out! If you were unable to buy yourself an Olympic power then you must've been really unlucky, since I bought 5-6! The price on Trade is around 300 - 320 xats

8th release - x500 released at **10pm GMT** . The price on Trade now is between 290 - 300 xats.

Final Updates
Xat finished the releases on Monday evening. There are a total of x5000 OLYMPIC powers released on xat!
Hope you managed to get yourself one! 
So, what do you think of this tracker? Is it a good idea? Will users including you benefit from it? Please let me know by leaving a comment below!

LONDON 2012: x500 OLYMPIC Powers at Stores NOW! (3rd release & Final Updates)

Hey guys!

3 hours ago xat released some more OLYMPIC powers. 500 released and still costing the usual price of 250 xats

The price on Trade now is around 325 - 375 xats .

Don't worry if you've missed the releases, there'll be more as there are only 1500 OLYMPIC powers in total!  

LONDON 2012: 500 OLYMPIC Powers at Stores NOW! (2nd release & Final Updates)

Hey guys!

At 10am GMT xat re-released the OLYMPIC power for a second time into the stores!

500 released costing 250 xats

The price on Trade now is around 350 - 400 xats

Did you manage to buy yourself an Olympic power yet? I'd love to know! 

LONDON 2012: 50 GOLD Powers at Stores NOW! (Final Updates)

Hey guys!

Well, it looks like 42 gave in to everyone demanding the GOLD power to be released again into stores. After all, we never saw it since the Power Auction at the start of June!

It came when everyone on xat_test (mainly Carbon) kept asking 42 for the power to be brought out, as users could make some profit for it being 53,500 - 54,500 xats on Trade!

Anyhow, the release took place at 6.45pm GMT at the same time as OLYMPIC had been released, costing 50,000 xats .

The price the day after rose to 52,000 - 53,000 xats as it is still a popular power.

So, did you buy GOLD to celebrate the games? Make sure you leave a comment!

LONDON 2012: 500 OLYMPIC Powers in Stores NOW! (Final Updates)

Hey guys!

The long wait is finally over! Xat finally managed to release the OLYMPIC power and at around **6.45pm GMT** 

Looking at their @xat Twitter it made it look like that there was only going to be a total of x500 , which would have made it shocking! Could this actually be true...? I sense some major profits coming on! 
500 released costing 250 xats

The power went out of store quite slowly as it took a total of 15 minutes, but had sold out at **7pm GMT**

Yes, that's right, just as we predicted from our previous post, this power is LIMITED.

However, with no surprise, the power had huge demand as it rose up to a price rumoured to be around 600 - 700 xats

Function: OLYMPIC brings out 16 different smiles to celebrate the game in my own town, London 2012! The following are in order from left to right:  (olympic) (bronzem) (goldm) (oboxing) (ocycling) (odiving) (ogymnastics) (ohurdles) (orowing) (orunning) (oswimming) (otennis) (otorch) (ovolleyball) (silverm)

The power also comes with 3 pawns available for a LIMITED time only! (most likely until the games end) .

The following codes along with the pawn are shown to you as followed...

Name: Medal
Code: (hat#hm)

Name: Torch
Code: (hat#ht)

Name: Run
Code: (hat#hr)

So, what do you think of the power now? I think it looks pretty awesome, and I'm going to keep it until the games are over! But what about you?

Make sure you leave a comment and let me know!


OLYMPIC Power **COUNTDOWN** - Latest Power Updates, Constant Posting, right here, right NOW!

Hey guys!

Yes, I'm pretty sure the whole world knows that today was the official first day of the Olympic Games, and I saw some of it! It's so exciting! And best of all, the olympic spirit is being rubbed off onto everyone on xat!

At 6pm GMT I was (and still am) on xat_test where TOM2 was online (and without the power shockingly) where users were demanding for him to release GOLD and the new power OLYMPIC .

We can sense that we're getting close to the power getting released as a user posted smileys for the power and it showed! You can check them out for yourself below!

It also comes with x3 pawns but they currently do not work, so we'll update you on that as soon as possible. The codes are shown below:

The power has still not been released on @xat with any info whatever, so many users are still not aware on OLYMPICS.

**RUMOURS** - It's rumoured that OLYMPICS is going to be released in the NEXT HOUR **7pm GMT** But we could see it coming out at **6.30pm GMT** Instead

Are you excited for the OLYMPIC power to become released? I can tell that this is going to be a hit for the next week or so, but what about you? 

Make sure you leave a comment and let me know!

Xat Celebrate LONDON 2012 with OLYMPIC Power! (Power 189 Confirmed)

Hey guys!

Hurray! Following our previous post, we weren't exactly sure on if the rumours were true that power 189 was going to be OLYMPIC.

However, at 1.30-1.45pm GMT it was confirmed to be that power 189 is going to be known as the OLYMPIC power!

Note: psst, yes, if you've noticed, I've got a banner at the top, and I'll be doing that for until the Olympics is over!

Anyway, I think that smiley looks very awesome as it sparkles if you look very closely, and it's a one in a lifetime so I can't wait for it to become released! I saw another user on xat_test have the power as their display picture!

Another user has it in their name!

Below is the smiley in all different kinds of sizes you may see it in...


And finally, last thing is the Function. Sadly we are not currently aware of what it could be, but it is most likely it will have smileys of the Olympic events! But don't worry, we'll be sure to post straight after we find out! 

This power is also certain to be LIMITED as it is once every 4 years and could bring up much more demand!

What do you think of this new power? Do you have enough xats to buy one for yourself or a friend? Make sure you leave a comment and let me know!


Hey guys!

At around 12pm GMT some users on Trade were saying that power 189 was going to be OLYMPIC although it was not confirmed!

The chat had also set it as their scroller, stating that xat had released information about it on @twitter but that was false info.

What do you think? Could these rumours possibly be true? I hope so, because since I'm english, I want to celebrate it as much as I can!

Make sure you leave a comment to let me know what you think! 

Power 189 Arrives!

Hey guys!

This afternoon, I spotted some users on Trade trying to sell 'Power 189' and I had realized it was released and started testing...

Yes, it is Friday evening now (5.15pm) and usually we would have known what the power was going to be and it would be close to releasing, but now we've only just started seeing it get tested!

In my opinion, I am annoyed that 42 is testing the powers late, but could this mean he wants to release it on a Saturday so more people can buy?

What do you think? Or perhaps do you have an idea of what power 189 is going to be? Make sure you leave a comment and let me know!

Want to play Doodlerace ALL the time? Official Doodlerace CHAT Available!

Hey guys!

Of course, there are alot of chats where you can play the latest trend known as DOODLERACE, but there is an Official chat where you can play, and it's quite popular! For a sneak preview of the chat and how busy it is, check the image below!

Sadly this annoyed me as this has already gotten popular much faster than my chat, (Gamebanrequests) but I will try and official it soon.

Anyhows, have you visited this chat? Currently as I am posting this there are around 30+  users online and no Moderators, so it is pretty crazy at the moment.

But hey, make sure you leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


Doodlerace BOT Glitches...?

Hey guys!

Yes, the DOODLERACE craze is still going on, and for the next few days we'll be posting updates and the latest news from the power and the game itself!

This morning, I went on xat_test where I had spotted the BOT leaving due to the fact that 'nobody was active' although a few of them were!

This had occurred during the game. Obviously, this surprised the users, who had not told the BOT to leave.

Do you think this was a glitch? Leave a comment if you know the answer, it would help and we could report it in the 'GLITCHES' page coming soon to the blog...!

Glitch Update: It's been reported of another glitch. When some people are playing DOODLERACE, it doesn't actually show they're playing! It then appears for a few seconds before not showing again!

Xat NEW Doodlerace Banner!

Hey guys!

How awesome is this! Xat are now advertising their newest creation / game DOODLERACE everywhere on the website!

Check it out! The following banner is shown below...

It's a 4 second animation which says 'DOODLE A FISH' and then it shows you can rate it, before finishing it off with 'PLAY IT NOW'.

It's all over xat. Here's an example of where you can see it:

What do you think of this new banner? I think that it's an awesome way for users to know, and it'll become really popular in a couple of weeks!

Have you tried the game out yet? Leave a comment and let me know!

AishaSites Official 1st Anniversary TODAY!

Well... it's finally come... the day blog fans may have been waiting for... it's the...

Yep, that's right, I'm surprised about that myself, too! I originally wasn't exactly sure if I would be staying on this blog or moving on after leaving Clubdigger , as I wasn't too happy about paying so much for professional themes.

Anyway, let's take a look at the main points this blog has achieved so far!

Hmm.. yes, I remember that as if it was yesterday. It was about the opening of the blog and consideration of a 'Summer party', but the first official post was about the Spaceban power's second release!

  • Our blog reaching over 30,000 views considering that our site was blocked for almost 9 months due to the face that it had .blogspot before .com
  • Being able to cover almost every power release that happened on xat, and managing to give the most description out of every other xat blog! (except xat Cambio) as well as posting almost every update of xat!
  • Being live at Black Friday 2011 and getting pictures of every LIMITED power that had re-released. The same with the LIMITED Power Auction Weekend which occurred in June 2012...
  • Having an Official opening to our newest and still running chat , GamebanRequests , which attracted over 30 different users, holding contests and gamebans for an hour! 
  •  Recruiting Authors to help out with our blog!
  • Although we don't have many Active Authors, I still have many helpers who provide me information on xat when I am not aware of it. E.g. Carbon

Although this blog has been fully active, there are still many things to do until our blog is known fully to most of our xat users. Sadly these things take a few years , and as I have been on xat for a while now and I still have fairly good knowledge, I am still willing to share it for at least another year! But to do that, I need your help! You can find out how by reading below...

  • Although we have quite a few helpers and Authors, we still need you to be part of it! How? Sign up to becoming an Author and you could win xats, days, and powers! Or, if you're more of a Club Penguin guy, you could win COIN CODES!
  • More Contests and parties, both on xat and Club Penguin to increase the hits and popularity, depending on how many people come.
  • Keep coming in touch with us by leaving appropriate comments below our posts! We've had some shy users, and I'm sure you're one of them who's holding their thoughts in! Well, you're always welcome to publish them! You can even appear as Annonymous!
  •  We will have a BRAND NEW THEME coming with a much more stylish look, something influenced by Monchocho and his site. Keep in tune for that, it will most likely be finished by 2013

So, that's about it! What do you think we should do to celebrate our 1st year anniversary? It's almost the start of the London 2012 Olympics officially on Friday evening! I'm in the UK, so I'll be getting in the spirits of things!

What were your best bits about our blog this year? What things do we need to work on? Would you like to become an Author to our fully active xat blog? You can find out how from our next post coming tomorrow! 

Any ideas, questions, or comments are welcomed below this post. I will keep checking them to see and hopefully I can use all of them!

Thank you so much for making this blog the way it is!

~ Aisha
Official Blog Owner


Came 1st in DOODLERACE!

Hey guys!

So, following my previous post, I tried out the 'DOODLERACE App' some more and managed to get myself to try and draw!

Anyhows, the topic for the drawing was 'Mouse' and I had come first after 10 attempts! (boy, there were one or two really good drawers in there) and it was done on xat_test .

Here it is!

When I tried it out a few times, I thought it was pretty good! You never know, maybe I'll end up getting addicted to it! I hope not, haha (:

Have you tried 'Mouse' yet? If so, how did you do? I'd love to know! Just leave a comment and let me know!


DOODLERACE Guide... (Hope it helps!)

Hey fellow xat users!

I've done some investigating into the DOODLERACE power that released late on Saturday, and I have figured out what it does!

First off, you don't need the group power Bot to use the power. 

Note: Xat have released on their Twitter about the list of chats that are currently using the DOODLERACE app / power. You can see what they said below!

Want to know an easier way on how to check? Go onto xat.com (Official homepage and click the following below!

It will look like this...


Psst, if you look very closely at the top, you'll see that xat made a typo! They put 'liswt' instead of 'list'. This is not a fake image by the way, haha. Did you also notice it?
Anyway, it will also work if you go on Featured / Popular chats and it will show the chats who are also playing it in the same format. Anyhows, I'm going to pick xat_test since that's an official testing chat and it seems busy...

Step 1: To start the doodlerace, you go on the GAMES app and it will be there...

After you've done that, type in !bot on the main chat and the following Bot will appear as shown below...

Does the bot seem familiar to you? It will be the same bot for every chat that uses DOODLERACE.

Step 2:  The bot will start with a certain word, just like 'DRAW MY THING' (Search Wiki) for more info.
Step 3: It will have the following word shown to you on the top left, (it was 'truck' because it was a different one when I managed to get the doodle working) but 'truck' will be replaced with whatever it is you're meant to draw for that round.

It will also start counting down from 3.

If you look on the top right, you will see a countdown. You have 2 minutes to try and draw for every round 

TIP: Make sure you don't get pressured by the timer, because most of the time almost all the user have enough time to draw and complete excellent drawings!

If the clock reaches 0 and you still haven't completed your drawing in time, then sadly it will still count and could affect your score!

Step 4: The following screen will show below on your left hand side...

Your screen will be bigger than the other users. It will say 'waiting for other players' before the timer starts. You can use the down and up arrows to look at other users. You will be able to see other users drawing at once (shown on the left) which could give you influence on your own drawing!

Step 5: It's rating time , so make sure you get your critic face on, it's time to be harsh to some certain users! (even your friends) I will explain to you how it works once you see the image below...

You can only rate between 1-5 starts, so you have to give at least 1 star! If you look at the top, it will say that I rated 1 user's doodle out of the 9 that had entered. The more doodles you rate, the more users it will say you have rated.

Final Step: The bot will decide the Top 3 users on the main chat. If you look on the left, it will say at the top who won, and what rank you were out of how many players! If you look on the left of the app, you can see what rank all the other users had, as well as their ID.

After that, in around a minute or so, the bot will start again with a new object.

Note: There are certain commands you can give the bot, you can look at the Wiki for more info.

So, that's all! Sadly I am still figuring out how to actually doodle, as it won't let me, but it's most likely probably a Glitch. I think it seems really cool, though!

What do you think? Have you tried this yet? Are you going to try it if you haven't? Remember, it's a group power , which means that it can be assigned and all users can use it! Sweet, huh?!

If you have any questions, please send a comment below this post and I will get back to you as quick as I can (:

DOODLERACE Power "Unlimited" and New Feature ADDED!

Hey guys!

Guess what?! This morning, or late last night on Saturday if you're in the US, xat made the DOODLERACE power unlimited .

It costs 400 xats like before, but we were wrong as it has become a group power as well. Perhaps because it was limited and in testing before!

But, that's not all! We've also uncovered something else that xat added!

If you notice, they've added a section called 'Games'. This would be powers that involve some of the games you can play on xat such as Doodle, therefore 'DOODLERACE' is a type of game.

Also, does this mean that we're going to witness some "game powers" in the next upcoming weeks?

What do you think?! Let me know by leaving a comment below this post!

DOODLERACE Power Released! (But Currently LIMITED!)

Hey guys!

Around 6 hours ago from this post, (post made at **5.35-5.40pm GMT** xat released Power 188 which was also known as DOODLERACE! Finally! (Yes, I've also noticed that xat have been releasing powers very late!)

Xat announced the release on Twitter . Below shows what they posted to us...

500 released costing the price of 400 xats each.

Yep, that's right! If you've read their Twitter post correctly, then you would know that the power is LIMITED. But don't worry, it's only for a temporary time , as it was confirmed to be released later.

Sadly, we don't know when the terms "later" will be from xat's point of view, but I'm guessing tomorrow afternoon by the latest! On the bright side, we know that the power will become unlimited eventually!

This power allows you to compete with others by creating the best doodle. In other words, this is a very competitive power and a good choice if you want to show off your drawings with your friends!

But wait... that's not all! For more description read below as it will explain to you everything needed in order to understand... 
Note: Please be aware that DOODLERACE is not a Group Power

You can then use the !bot command to start the bot and then use the !start command so everyone begins drawing the word you selected. After drawing is finished, you will all be given the option to rate the user's doodles' 1-5 stars. The bot will send a message showing the top 3 people after rating is over, and the app will display your rank out of all users at the top.

In simpler terms: You have a bot, (not sure if you need the BOT power, most likely so) and you have commands. It's similar to the game called 'DRAW MY THING'. Search it if you're not sure about what it is.

Anyway, once the drawing has finished, you can rate other people's doodles from 1-5 stars. 1 is most likely the worst, and 5 being the best. The bot will show the top 3 drawings and it will be displayed automatically the ranks of all the users.

Note: The following commands are shown to you in the following clear format...

  • !bot lang The bot will start with the language you choose. Examples are: !bot en (english) !bot es (spanish) !bot pt (portuguese) !bot ro (romanian) !bot it (italian)
  • !commands The bot will private message you with all the available commands.
  • !times play rate results e.g !times 60 30 30 This sets the drawing time, the time to rate the user's doodles and the time the results are shown. You can also change edit the default times by editing the power options in extra features.
  • !start word/category This command will start a game. e.g !start dog or !start people. You can also add words in a specific order, e.g !start cat,dog,pig
    • More complicated examples of !start are !start word1|word2|word3|word4, This would start the doodle and randomly choose one of the words. It can also be combined with categories or regular words, e.g !start sad|mad|bad people. or !start sad|mad|bad dog
    • You can also control the amount of words chosen from a category, e.g !start people. 5 would select 5 random people.
  • !exit/!bye This command will make the bot exit the chat.

Note: Text was taken out of the official xat power Wikipedia http://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/DoodleRace and full credit is given to @xat

Note: Because there's so much to cover from this topic, I will post the rest of what you need to know on the post where it covers it becoming unlimited .

We've also found out that the GAMEBOT (804) we uncovered through our post earlier gets assigned when you buy the power, but this is not currently confirmed yet.

The final bit you need to know about the power is that the current cost on Trade is 400 - 500 xats but is not having much demand.

So, now that you managed to learn basically what the power does, it's time to share me your thoughts and views! So why don't you get them out your brain by leaving a comment below this post?!

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