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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

x1000 WHIRLFX Powers at Auction NOW! (Final Updates)

Hey guys!

It looks like the Power Auctions aren't going to come to an end anytime soon , as xat had announced on their @Twitter that WHIRLFX powers had been put up into Auction ...

1000 released as test powers . More WHIRLFX powers will be released on the Weekend (tomorrow)
And there, I had thought few of us began to think that the old release was going to make a return! I guess this makes much more profit for 42!

Update: Auction finished!

Yes, this means that WHIRLFX is a LIMITED power! You can tell because it says so on the power description ...

So, what do you think of the power and release? I was away while it happened, and I sure wouldn't want to buy it, because it was rumoured to be sold out at a very expensive cost!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the release. Are you against the Auctions? If so, keep commenting on these release posts with your ID name and I could get it across to xat!

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