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DOODLERACE Power Released! (But Currently LIMITED!)

Hey guys!

Around 6 hours ago from this post, (post made at **5.35-5.40pm GMT** xat released Power 188 which was also known as DOODLERACE! Finally! (Yes, I've also noticed that xat have been releasing powers very late!)

Xat announced the release on Twitter . Below shows what they posted to us...

500 released costing the price of 400 xats each.

Yep, that's right! If you've read their Twitter post correctly, then you would know that the power is LIMITED. But don't worry, it's only for a temporary time , as it was confirmed to be released later.

Sadly, we don't know when the terms "later" will be from xat's point of view, but I'm guessing tomorrow afternoon by the latest! On the bright side, we know that the power will become unlimited eventually!

This power allows you to compete with others by creating the best doodle. In other words, this is a very competitive power and a good choice if you want to show off your drawings with your friends!

But wait... that's not all! For more description read below as it will explain to you everything needed in order to understand... 
Note: Please be aware that DOODLERACE is not a Group Power

You can then use the !bot command to start the bot and then use the !start command so everyone begins drawing the word you selected. After drawing is finished, you will all be given the option to rate the user's doodles' 1-5 stars. The bot will send a message showing the top 3 people after rating is over, and the app will display your rank out of all users at the top.

In simpler terms: You have a bot, (not sure if you need the BOT power, most likely so) and you have commands. It's similar to the game called 'DRAW MY THING'. Search it if you're not sure about what it is.

Anyway, once the drawing has finished, you can rate other people's doodles from 1-5 stars. 1 is most likely the worst, and 5 being the best. The bot will show the top 3 drawings and it will be displayed automatically the ranks of all the users.

Note: The following commands are shown to you in the following clear format...

  • !bot lang The bot will start with the language you choose. Examples are: !bot en (english) !bot es (spanish) !bot pt (portuguese) !bot ro (romanian) !bot it (italian)
  • !commands The bot will private message you with all the available commands.
  • !times play rate results e.g !times 60 30 30 This sets the drawing time, the time to rate the user's doodles and the time the results are shown. You can also change edit the default times by editing the power options in extra features.
  • !start word/category This command will start a game. e.g !start dog or !start people. You can also add words in a specific order, e.g !start cat,dog,pig
    • More complicated examples of !start are !start word1|word2|word3|word4, This would start the doodle and randomly choose one of the words. It can also be combined with categories or regular words, e.g !start sad|mad|bad people. or !start sad|mad|bad dog
    • You can also control the amount of words chosen from a category, e.g !start people. 5 would select 5 random people.
  • !exit/!bye This command will make the bot exit the chat.

Note: Text was taken out of the official xat power Wikipedia http://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/DoodleRace and full credit is given to @xat

Note: Because there's so much to cover from this topic, I will post the rest of what you need to know on the post where it covers it becoming unlimited .

We've also found out that the GAMEBOT (804) we uncovered through our post earlier gets assigned when you buy the power, but this is not currently confirmed yet.

The final bit you need to know about the power is that the current cost on Trade is 400 - 500 xats but is not having much demand.

So, now that you managed to learn basically what the power does, it's time to share me your thoughts and views! So why don't you get them out your brain by leaving a comment below this post?!


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