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EXCLUSIVE: Xat Doodle Race APP

Hey guys!

If you go on the chat DoodleRace (click the link to go directly to the chat) there will be a Bot called 'Gamebot'. They are a Member. I managed to catch an image below!

The user is a BOT , so it is not like any other xat user...
Note: The bot comes online sometimes , so there may be times where you don't get to see it... so be aware that if you see it, you're lucky!

For some reason, the BOT has a very rare 3 digit ID, known as '804'. This could be an official xat bot that was created for some new kind of activity...

The app is something called a 'Doodle Race'. Sadly only xat Volunteers and some other users have gotten to test this new activity. Currently nobody knows what it mainly does.

Also, unfortunately we are unable to provide you with a screenshot of the Doodle Race due to Copyright reasons, but we'll try our best to publish one on the Blog soon!

What are your thoughts of the Doodle Race APP? Are you interested? Have you seen this bot around before? Remember to leave a comment and let me know below!   

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