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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

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LONDON 2012: Official OLYMPIC Power Guide... ALL the Releases, Gossip, and More!

Hey guys!

You're looking at the one and only new thing I'll be doing with all LIMITED powers from now on as a way to improve the blog, it's the ...

This is only going to be the most ULTIMATE tracker to give you all the information needed, with every form of release covered!
We will start from the OLYMPIC power. Yes, we already have a few releases on other posts, but from now on we will post the rest of the releases on this post, so make sure you check out this post.

We will do separate posts for different powers so you won't get confused. Also, this only covers limited powers.

You can help by leaving a comment below this post helping us out with information we've missed out, because sometimes I can't make it as I'm in the United Kingdom.

 Note: This tracker is manually updated by me or other members of the crew from this blog. We accept comments for our tracking, where you can also help by filling out missing information from the power, such as the quantity or what time it was released!

5th release At 3.15pm GMT xat released x500 OLYMPIC powers costing 250 xats each. The price on Trade is now currently 330 - 370 xats

6th release - The release took place at midnight for the UK, as 500 released to make the price on Trade 300 - 350 xats .

7th release - At **10am GMT** x500 released costing 250 xats each. Make sure you get yours now before it runs out!

10:09am Update: Don't worry guys, the release is going very slowly, much slower than the previous ones we've witnessed! And it's Day 3 of the Olympic games, so the power could still be in demand! Buy as many as you can =D

10.35pm Sold out! If you were unable to buy yourself an Olympic power then you must've been really unlucky, since I bought 5-6! The price on Trade is around 300 - 320 xats

8th release - x500 released at **10pm GMT** . The price on Trade now is between 290 - 300 xats.

Final Updates
Xat finished the releases on Monday evening. There are a total of x5000 OLYMPIC powers released on xat!
Hope you managed to get yourself one! 
So, what do you think of this tracker? Is it a good idea? Will users including you benefit from it? Please let me know by leaving a comment below!


  1. hi there!
    i find this tracker very awesome thank u so much!!!!!!!!! your blog rocks!!!!

  2. how many olympic powers are there in total?


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