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LONDON 2012: 500 OLYMPIC Powers in Stores NOW! (Final Updates)

Hey guys!

The long wait is finally over! Xat finally managed to release the OLYMPIC power and at around **6.45pm GMT** 

Looking at their @xat Twitter it made it look like that there was only going to be a total of x500 , which would have made it shocking! Could this actually be true...? I sense some major profits coming on! 
500 released costing 250 xats

The power went out of store quite slowly as it took a total of 15 minutes, but had sold out at **7pm GMT**

Yes, that's right, just as we predicted from our previous post, this power is LIMITED.

However, with no surprise, the power had huge demand as it rose up to a price rumoured to be around 600 - 700 xats

Function: OLYMPIC brings out 16 different smiles to celebrate the game in my own town, London 2012! The following are in order from left to right:  (olympic) (bronzem) (goldm) (oboxing) (ocycling) (odiving) (ogymnastics) (ohurdles) (orowing) (orunning) (oswimming) (otennis) (otorch) (ovolleyball) (silverm)

The power also comes with 3 pawns available for a LIMITED time only! (most likely until the games end) .

The following codes along with the pawn are shown to you as followed...

Name: Medal
Code: (hat#hm)

Name: Torch
Code: (hat#ht)

Name: Run
Code: (hat#hr)

So, what do you think of the power now? I think it looks pretty awesome, and I'm going to keep it until the games are over! But what about you?

Make sure you leave a comment and let me know!


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