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EXCLUSIVE: How busy are Club Penguin chats during 'TRACKING SEASON?' Read here to find out!

Hey guys!

I'm sure I've mentioned on the blog to you all about Club Penguin chats such as Riffy888 , Lebronjr , Monchocho and TrackCP , haven't I?

Well, all these chats are well associated with something called...

I'm sure many of you have been aware of this sometime on your path into xat, am I correct? 

Anyway, I'm sure some of you may be wondering why I'm posting this. Well...

The reason? They are very, yes, I mean very popular! I will show you Monchocho as an example, a very respected and useful guide for the website, Club Penguin...

Here is it's rankings on the popular list.

Very tight between each other, don't you think? Note: I apologize that the image for Monchocho's chat does not show. It might be a glitch for me.

Now let's look at the tabs between the two!
TRADE Chatroom
So, what do you think? Trade obviously has more tabs, but that is so many tabs for Monchocho! They have this every time!

I want to ask you if you've ever been on a Club Penguin chat during Tracking Season? Why do they get so popular, especially when many users know that these websites don't actually provide 'tracking' material, the users help with the location.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! Let's try and get up to 50 different views, and if so, I may pick one out at random and publish it on the blog, as well as earning some xats!

So, what are you waiting for? Leave a comment below this post! I'll check them at Saturday 28th July 2012


  1. I remember years ago when Jmann used to still go on xat.

    His chat used to be very popular, especially during tracking season where it would get 100+ people, but now he sadly quit and nobody goes on his chat anymore...

    Good times :(

  2. The reason that these chats become so popular is because the cp blogs are very popular nowadays, such as Monchocho, etc.

    During tracking season, they upload something which is of called a 'tracker'. Many users on cp get attracted to this and go on the blog to try and 'use' the tracker. Because the tracker is linked with the chat, all the users end up logging onto the chat as well, thus they start tracking there.

    I hope that comment answers your question!

  3. CHOCOLATE COOKIES!!!!20 July 2012 at 09:56


    i always go on the cp chat Riffy888 to track, and they usually help me find the mascots i'm looking for!

    However, i must admit that out of all of the cp tracking sites, they are the LEAST trustworthy...

  4. Jmann93 used to be the most popular site / chat for tracking club penguin mascots... attracting 5-6 tabs if on a good day.

    Ever since he quit, many users have moved to monchocho, which is a very respected site who has become more popular than jmann's ever was.

    In terms of trustworthyness, i would have to say that it is a fairly decent site, but few users slack off!

  5. I always go on monchocho for tracking, but i usually hang out there anyways lol!!!

    in terms of trustworthyness, it's not really THAT good, but then again, all of these cp 'tracking sites' are not worthy! Just stick to the cheats guyzz!

  6. Guys, I'm sorry to break it to you, but anyone that believes in this tracking stuff on cp is wasting their time thinking that they actually work.

    Every time the user who made the 'tracker' is online, he updates it. Ever noticed how every time you refresh the tracker it doesn't work? If you don't believe me then thats your choice (:

  7. I don't find any of these cp tracking sites to be useful... they're all the same old scam.

  8. As much as this tracking thing is stupid, there are some chats that are actually helpful when trying to find certain Club Penguin mascots.

    For instance, i sometimes go on 'Mascotcp' to help my little brother find people!


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