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REVEALED: Power 188 Confirmed as 'DOODLERACE'

Hey guys!

I know I didn't have an image to provide you with this, but last week, 42 had not only Power 186 (Moustache) with him... he also had Power 188! That had still remained a mystery as of what it could be...

However , a few days ago we thought it had something to do with it being a new APP for xat. Sadly, only Volunteers and special users were able to test it out, so I couldn't provide you with a screenshot!

However, at 3.30pm GMT , I was lucky enough to find Christina holding the new power, which turned out to be confirmed as Doodlerace

As you can see, xat have not yet made the image to the power, so we are not sure as to what it looks like!

Update: Yay! 42 has now made an image for the new 'DOODLERACE' power! (3.45pm GMT) . Official Image is shown below!

As you can see, from the top left it starts by looking a bit like the man from the (doodle) power, before a 360* circle is made until it looks like the bottom right. The circle then disappears the reversed way to cause it to look like it did at the beginning. The cycle continues...

Here I managed to catch a different user with the power!

What do you think? It looks quite nice doesn't it, but a bit similar to the DOODLE power! But that's a little obvious, since they're both linked...

Note: We still don't know the main Function of this power, but it is due to probably be released later today .

So, what are your verdicts of the new power? Do you think it will be an unlimited or limited power? Or perhaps it might also be a group power, we've not seen one of them for a while! Why don't you leave a comment below and share me your thoughts and suggestions!


  1. It is probably an add on to the doodle app / power

  2. michelle rocks20 July 2012 at 09:43

    Thank you so much for the helpful post!
    I've been wondering what this 'doodlerace' thing was... at first it seemed like it was another app being added onto xat, but now I see that it's a power!

    I hope it's going to be unlimited, I don't have many xats... :(

  3. manaphy24135245620 July 2012 at 09:46

    i've been thinking about getting the doodlerace power, but i don't know what the function is!

    plz post it soon!! I really admire this blog :D


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