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This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

FLOWER Power Price Change!


This post is about the FLOWER power.

Why am I doing a post just dedicated to this? Well, I will explain to you how to avoid being scammed as many users have been investing into this power, with the price soaring greatly over the last couple of weeks.

First off ...

What was the price before?
- The original price was 1000 - 1200 xats with hardly anybody buying the power.

What happened?
A few users were buying the power for around 1150-1200 xats. They managed to collect around 20. Eventually they started increasing the price as the power is one of the rarest. Soon, people started buying.

Each day users were buying higher and higher, and other users decided to join in. (market pressure).

The price has peaked at 2100 - 2300 xats.

One of the users, who has collected over 100 Flower powers (nobody has done that since CLEBER with 211 flower) possibly for over 200k+ (2000 each).




We'll keep you posted with more information soon.
Update - Also, watch out for the CARNIVAL power. CARBON sold 1,000 of his for a rumoured 195k (195 each) and now the price has dropped significantly from 650 - 850 xats to 200 - 220 xats.

To avoid being scammed in future from investors, make sure to visit our Blog, the only current one keeping you right up to date!
- Aisha  




It's Thursday afternoon, and business is as usual on xat, with the new test power being released to Volunteers.

This week, the power ID is 275.

Update: Tom2 is online, with the name confirmed as 'Cupcake'.


More information will be posted as soon as we get it.

Meanwhile, leave comments on what you think this weeks power may be...!
- Aisha 

800 more 'RANDOM' Test powers Release! (NOW UNLIMITED)


Last night, we finally witnessed the first release of the RANDOM power, with the price being high due to it still being a test power.

Since then, there has been a couple more releases. We will detail them for you ...

Release 2 - At **10.00pm GMT** 500 more were released costing 250 xats each. The price on TRADE had dropped to 500 - 700 xats.

Release - 300 more were released for the same price. The cost is now currently down to 350 - 500 xats , but is still profitable.


Update 1: More releases!
There were a couple more releases of the RANDOM power, making it a total of around 2,000 - 3,000. 

Final Update: UNLIMITED!
Finally! After months of anticipation, the new power has finally been available for the public to purchase at the cost of 250 xats!

What do you think of the new RANDOM power?
- Aisha



Finally! 200 'RANDOM' Test powers Released! (250 xats in Stores!)


Finally! After many weeks, the RANDOM power has finally been available to the public ... well, almost, anyway! Why? We'll tell you!

At around **3.30pm GMT** RANDOM was sold in small numbers as the power was still in testing.

200 released costing 250 xats each.

Special thanks: A big thank you to Hean id151757909 (151757909) for providing me with this image to use.

Wow, that's pretty cheap for a power that took so long to test, and a small amount to be released as well!

Update: SOLD OUT!


So, how is the price on TRADE doing? Check out the updates on our Blog below:

4.45pm GMT - The price has quickly increased to become 600 - 750 xats. I have a feeling that it will be pretty expensive for the next few hours!

4.55pm GMT - RANDOM now has a range in price. The average, we believe, we currently now between 800 - 1100 xats.

It's safe for me to say that I did NOT expect that! Anyhows, I have a feeling that this will be an unlimited power, but I'll keep you up to date throughout the day.

Meanwhile, don't be afraid to leave a comment letting me know your thoughts and opinions on the release and the new power itself!
- Aisha 

'RANDOM' Power given to MORE Volunteers!


Last month, we discovered that one of the upcoming new powers would be called 'Random'. The function was already confirmed, but there were still many things that we didn't know ...

Users such as Ghost and Vale were amongst those who were given the RANDOM power this week. However, there are still currently no users buying or selling it.

Key points:
  • This power is still in testing.
  • The power has been in testing for currently 4-5 weeks. This is prompting users to believe that it could actually be an EPIC power!
  • The price on TRADE is possibly going to be between 5,000 - 10,000 xats! (similar to BADGE)     

  • There is now a 60% increase of chance that the power will be released this week.
  • We are still currently not sure on the smiley, the price, or whether or not it will be limited or available at all times.

Update: Tom2 is currently online @xat_test testing the new power. Here are the key points in his testing:

NOTE: This part of the post will change when any new information has been confirmed. Anything that is Not in this list is currently unknown.

Tom2 has been online for the whole day and there is now a smilley for the power.

(this is an animated smiley which changes smiley. The animation lasts around 3 seconds, if possible we will try and show you the GIF. version of it!) 

We hope this has answered any questions you may have. Remember to keep checking our Blog for further updates and Coverage.
- Aisha

9 Digit Auction!


After some weeks, there is finally a new Auction available to us. This time, it's a 9 digit Auction.

The Auction ends tonight, so make sure to bid on one of the IDs if you're interested!
- Aisha



At around **11.00am GMT** LADYBUG was released once again. The method of this release is quite unusual.

Read what was put on twitter

What does this mean?
There will be 2 releases of Ladybug. Each release will be 1 hour long. In that 1 hour, it will be unlimited and you can buy as many as you like for 275 xats each. There will be a banner saying when the 1st and 2nd release are ...
1st Release

1800 were sold during that period.

The price on TRADE quickly decreased, with it being between 250 - 280 xats.


Update 1: 2nd release
At around **0.00am GMT** on Sunday, the final release of the new power occurred. The power was available for around an hour. Approximately 1500 were sold during that period.


Update 2: Total sold?
This is a question many traders ask. Here is an estimation ... between 4500 - 5000 were sold. After each release the total was added onto the previous release. 
E.g. 1st release 1000 sold
2nd release 2000 sold
in total = 3000 sold (it would include the 1000 on the next release)     

Update 3: Sunday afternoon.
Not many users are currently selling this power on TRADE, with quite a few users stocking up on the power. The price is 300 - 350 xats


And there we go!

In conclusion, there were 3 releases of the Ladybug power. It is now limited with many users having different opinions on how many were released.

So, what do you think? Have you bought this new power? Are you going to? Did you make any profit on the new power? Let me know by leaving comments below!
- Aisha


VALENTINE'S DAY 2014: 1500 'LADYBUG' , 500 'VALENTINE' , 500 'BURNINGHEART' and 21 'GOLD' Powers Release!


At around **5.30pm GMT** Tom2 was online to release 2 powers in the Stores.

First off, the newest power, 'Ladybug', was released.

1500 released costing 275 xats . LIMITED!


The release went very slow, with users possibly getting up to 10! (took 30 minutes). There was a reason for that, however ... (scroll down for reason)

The price on TRADE is currently 280 - 320 xats , so you've earned yourself a little bit of profit there! 



Just like for the past 3 years, Tom2 also decided to re-release the limited power Valentine. Hurray! And for a cheap price, as well!

500 released costing 1500 xats 

This power was far more profitable, with the price on TRADE currently being between 2600 - 2800 xats. Not much difference, right? People managed to buy between 3 - 5 as the release went very slowly, so a huge profit for you guys!

Many users are currently stocking up on the power, with a few having 40+.

Update 1: SOLD OUT! (6.00pm GMT)

The price on TRADE is 2600 - 2700 xats.

Update 2: (Saturday) The price has increased slightly to become around 2700 - 2850 xats. Recent history will tell us though that this power will drop in the next few days ...  

FINAL UPDATE: Whilst not as popular as the BURNINGHEART power, the price has stayed at around 2600 - 2700 xats. 


EXCLUSIVE: Tom2 has hinted a possible re-release of BURNINGHEART ... another expensive and profitable power.

Next ...

To the desires from many users, at **8.00pm GMT** Tom2 released some GOLD powers into the store ...

21 released costing 50,000 xats

The price on TRADE has not changed much, with it still being pretty expensive at around 54,000 - 55,000 xats.

UPDATE: The price has now increased to become 55,000 - 55,200 xats. Whoosh! 

Finally ...
The rumours were true, and possibly the highlight of the day ...

At around **10.30pm GMT** Tom2 made one final release, having a return of Burningheart into the stores!

500 released costing 1,000 xats each.

Wow, is that cheap or what?!

The price on TRADE had quickly dropped down to around 2500 - 3000 xats, so a decent profit there! Some users were able to buy 3 , so presumably the release went quite slow, just like Valentine.

Update 1: SOLD OUT!
Users were selling for scattered prices, but the average price was around 2800 - 3200 xats, so around 2000 xat profit for each power bought in the market. 

Update 2: (Saturday) The price has quickly increased to become 3200 - 3600 xats on TRADE.
(price before the release was 3800 - 3900 xats)

FINAL UPDATE: (Tuesday)  
It's been a couple of days, and the price has stayed at around 3400 - 3600 xats. We are pleasured to confirm that many users who bought this power have profited quite alot of xats. 

Happy Valentine's Day!
If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment. Any screenshots (appropriate) would be ideally accepted. If it's an emergency, please type /f89694323 and wait for me to be online.

- Aisha  

Power 274 = 'LADYBUG'.


Today it was confirmed that our newest power would be known as LADYBUG. It seems to be a Valentines Day themed power, and looks set to be released this coming weekend. (tomorrow).

Here is an image of the smiley:

Mmm, looks hot. Here was a user with and attempting to sell the power ...


Wow. So, what are your thoughts on this new power? Looks like another animal power this week!

Remember to leave a comment sharing your comments below.
- Aisha  

NEW Power 274!


On Wednesday Afternoon the new test power was spotted. This is currently known as 274.

The price on TRADE is currently varying between 1500 - 2000 xats, and with Valentine's Day 2014 coming up on friday , who knows what will be in stores for us ...

Note: The following VALENTINE THEMED POWERS are at the following prices for Valentine's Day ...

Valentine: 2900 - 3000 xats
Romance: 650 - 750 xats
Love: 190 - 210 xats
Heartfx: 120 - 140 xats
Divorce: 200 - 230 xats
Wedding: 200 - 250 xats
Kheart: 300 - 350 xats
Burningheart: 3800 - 3900 xats

What do you think the new power will be? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
- Aisha

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