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Power 282 (BUTTERFLIES) Release! (and 10 GOLDS)


Last night we confirmed to you that the new power was BUTTERFLIES, and that it was also a limited power.

Well, at **12.30pm BST** Tom2 released the new power, as well as some Gold powers whilst being on the 'Crazy point' tab:

1000 released costing 250 xats. LIMITED!

The release took a very long 15 minutes, and the demand isn't that big for it either. The price is currently 260 - 280 xats on TRADE, and after a few releases there's a feeling the price will start to drop!


2nd release: 2.40pm BST
631 were released. The price on TRADE still remains the same.

At the same time as the BUTTERFLIES release, 10 golds were released costing 50,000 xats. The price on TRADE remains at 53,000 - 53,500 xats.

Keep checking our Blog for further updates!
- Aisha  

Xat Power 282 (BUTTERFLIES)


The new test power has been released to Volunteers, with this week being 282. The price is currently 1,000 - 2,000 xats.

The name and function will be confirmed this weekend.

Update: BREAKING NEWS: The new power has just been confirmed. It will be a limited power called BUTTERFLIES.


Remember to check our Blog for the best updates!
- Aisha  

NEW Special Auction! (for EASTER 2014)


Today there was a Special Auction to celebrate this years Easter, as the power itself is quite cheap on TRADE.

This was suggested by BEET:


Take a look at the ID's:

This Auction was 30 hours long, the longest Auction since it began.

The talk of the Auction was the very rare 4 digit ID, (2014). This ID was sold even more than 4444 (800k). The bids were between Abby and Ares, but in the end it was Ares that was victorious, placing a bid of more than 1 million xats!

Here are the other ID's:

Wow! Which ID out of the list there was your favourite? Would you have bought one? Leave a comment and let me know!
- Aisha

Power 281 - 'EASTEREGG' Release! (and Win BOOT!)


NOTE: Please read the 'BOOT' section of this Blog post to understand how and the possible realistic chances to win this power!

Today the new power was CONFIRMED to be called Easteregg, most likely to celebrate this year's Easter (as today is Good Friday).

Later today, it was available for everyone to buy:

EASTEREGG costs 250 xats

This power is currently unlimited but in my personal opinion something just seems suspicious to me ... nothing on Twitter, a quick release, and the description only says 'Easter'. This is just my initiative, though.

The power currently costs 200 - 245 xats on TRADE and is quite hard to find:


What do you think? How about thoughts on the power itself? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know! 

Note: NO Gold powers were released today. However, there is a 7 digit Auction available. 

There has been rumours that there is a chance to win the very expensive BOOT power. Nobody was sure on whether it was true or not, but our Blog can officially confirm the TRUTH!

The rumours are TRUE. You do have a chance to win, and here is the proof that you can! 
Credits: A very special thanks to BEET for spending 3 hours trying to find this screenshot, and thanks to the person who provided Beet the Screenshot: 
Special thanks to BEET for the screenshot showing Boot in the Powers store:

Important: Please read these points before trying to win.

  • The BOOT power will cost around 15,300 xats if you are the lucky user to claim the prize.
  • You must buy an EASTEREGG power from the Powers store in order to have a chance of winning.
  • This power currently costs 23,000 - 25,000 xats on TRADE
  • This is most probably the rarest power which is currently on the market.
  • HOWEVER, the chances to win this amazing power are very low. The odds are stacked out of favour at 1/150
- A few users have bought over 100 EASTEREGG powers from the Store and yet have not been one of the lucky users.  

- There have, though, been a few known winners. These winners are Spell and James. There could also be an increased chance to win the Boot power if you are a Volunteer.  
This has not yet been confirmed. 

  • TOM2 has not recommended trying to win BOOT.
  • This idea was suggested by BEET
  • Boot will not be released in the Stores for Easter.

We hope you've found this information helpful, as no other blog has this crucial information. This is why we've put a watermark on the Boot image.    

Please leave a comment if you have any further questions! :-) 
- Aisha

NEW Power 281!


Only a couple of hours ago the new test power was released to Volunteers. This power is currently ID 281, with Ghost seen trying to sell it.

We should be given a better idea of this power within the next few days!
- Aisha

TOM2 testing on xat_test2 (BOOT release hint?)


At around **4.30pm BST** I was on xat_test2 and it was just me and TOM2 that was online on the chat. He asked me to test something:

Next he needed to test something in private chat:


He was then testing the kisses:

And finally, one of my friends asked Tom if he will sometime release BOOT, which is now dubbed as an 'Epic power' as it is now currently 21,500 - 22,500 xats.


What do you think he may be testing, and do you think BOOT or ANGEL will release this year? It needs to!
- Aisha

Power 280 - 'EVENTSTATS'. (and 20 GOLD Release!)

ID: 280
Price: 300 xats
Quantity: 500
Status: NOT LIMITED! (Currently LIMITED)    


Well, apparently the 'big secret' turns out to be the new power 'EVENTSTATS', which is indeed ID 280.

The power had no image, but many users expected it to be released:


At around **5.15pm BST** the new power was released! 
NOTE: EVENTSTATS is still currently in 'testing' stage, as a small quantity were released.

500 released costing 300 xats. NOT LIMITED!

Around 2 minutes after, 10 GOLD powers were in store, costing 50,000 xats each!

This release took under 10 seconds once users were made aware. The price is now currently 53,000 - 53,500 xats.

This power took around 10 - 15 minutes. It is now currently LIMITED.

#03 - This power still shows as 280 as it is still in early testing. Perhaps it will all change in the weekend ...

#04 - The price of EVENTSTATS on TRADE seems to be staying at the price of around 300 - 400 xats. Many users know that this power will most likely be not limited, and so the demand the price has dropped.

#05 - 280 no longer shows when they have it in the powers list. Instead it shows the power name itself as well as the powers' image:

#06 - WOW!
2 GOLD releases in 1 day! That hasn't happened for a very long time. This was because a user said they missed it due to School.

For the past 2-3 weeks around 20-30 were being released. Because of this, TOM2 had decided to release a few more: (7.45pm BST)

10 released costing 50,000 xats. Total released today: 20

This release went slow because nobody had expected it.

Keep checking our Blog for further updates! 
- Aisha  


Power 279 - 'SNAIL'.


This weekends power is in fact Snail, and it is Power ID 279.

Users did not have this as a test power, so the first release will be the first time it was introduced to the chat room. HOWEVER, this is the smiley:

Update: At around **12.55pm BST** TOM2 was online to release some GOLD powers. This caused drama as he was on 'Crazy club' to release it instead, which annoyed many users!

10 released costing 50,000 xats

A bit of reaction:


The price is now 52500 - 53000 xats

Update 2: At **1.00pm BST** TOM2 released the first set of SNAIL powers. This power will be released in 2 sets, like the HOGMANAY power last year.

SNAIL will be sold in 2 sets. In each set, SNAIL will be unlimited for 1 hour and then it will turn LIMITED. This power costs 222 xats

Many users were selling the power and it became 200 - 220 xats, with many users including me assuming this would be the next 'EGGY' power. However ...

Because the demand was low, the second set didn't sell that many, meaning over the 2 releases there were only 4800 in total. Less people are selling, a few more are collecting the power due to the quantity, and so the power has INCREASED to become 220 - 240 xats on TRADE.

So, there we go! What do you think of the SNAIL power? If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment below!
- Aisha

Xat Power 280.


This week users got the new ID 280 , which will most likely be the new power to be released this weekend:

We are currently not sure on what happens on 281, but information will be posted as soon as we get it.
UPDATE: ID 280 is in fact 281 , and it will NOT be this weekends power.

Meanwhile, keep checking our Blog for updates.
- Aisha 



Originally the Cyan pawn was supposed to be for Celebrities such as Ashley Leggat, but yesterday morning when I logged onto xat, I saw that I had the Cyan pawn all of a sudden! This was most likely a new pawn update...

Don't you believe me? Check these Screenshots out! (NOT FAKE!)

Before: The normal green pawn  
Now: The CYAN pawn which was mysteriously added to our accounts.
The pawn also appears when you send a message onto a chat, like below:

Wow! That is so awesome! Or well, it would have been if it weren't for ... APRIL FOOLS!

This surely tricked me, as well as with several other users. However, some flaws were spotted to catch the users out. They were ...

  • Only you were able to see yourself with the CYAN pawn. No other users had the pawn colour.
  •  The pawn does not show as a power, or was it as announced as a feature.

So, what do you think? I think it was a good prank this year, can't wait to see what happens for 2015!
- Aisha


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