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Power 281 - 'EASTEREGG' Release! (and Win BOOT!)


NOTE: Please read the 'BOOT' section of this Blog post to understand how and the possible realistic chances to win this power!

Today the new power was CONFIRMED to be called Easteregg, most likely to celebrate this year's Easter (as today is Good Friday).

Later today, it was available for everyone to buy:

EASTEREGG costs 250 xats

This power is currently unlimited but in my personal opinion something just seems suspicious to me ... nothing on Twitter, a quick release, and the description only says 'Easter'. This is just my initiative, though.

The power currently costs 200 - 245 xats on TRADE and is quite hard to find:


What do you think? How about thoughts on the power itself? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know! 

Note: NO Gold powers were released today. However, there is a 7 digit Auction available. 

There has been rumours that there is a chance to win the very expensive BOOT power. Nobody was sure on whether it was true or not, but our Blog can officially confirm the TRUTH!

The rumours are TRUE. You do have a chance to win, and here is the proof that you can! 
Credits: A very special thanks to BEET for spending 3 hours trying to find this screenshot, and thanks to the person who provided Beet the Screenshot: 
Special thanks to BEET for the screenshot showing Boot in the Powers store:

Important: Please read these points before trying to win.

  • The BOOT power will cost around 15,300 xats if you are the lucky user to claim the prize.
  • You must buy an EASTEREGG power from the Powers store in order to have a chance of winning.
  • This power currently costs 23,000 - 25,000 xats on TRADE
  • This is most probably the rarest power which is currently on the market.
  • HOWEVER, the chances to win this amazing power are very low. The odds are stacked out of favour at 1/150
- A few users have bought over 100 EASTEREGG powers from the Store and yet have not been one of the lucky users.  

- There have, though, been a few known winners. These winners are Spell and James. There could also be an increased chance to win the Boot power if you are a Volunteer.  
This has not yet been confirmed. 

  • TOM2 has not recommended trying to win BOOT.
  • This idea was suggested by BEET
  • Boot will not be released in the Stores for Easter.

We hope you've found this information helpful, as no other blog has this crucial information. This is why we've put a watermark on the Boot image.    

Please leave a comment if you have any further questions! :-) 
- Aisha

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