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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...


The biggest celebration on xat for profiters and people who have not got many xats, is finally here, and this year, they've made it the biggest shopping spree, ever!

Remember when some people had imagined if xat would release all the limited powers at once? Well, they've done it!

Apparently, a friend had told me that all of the rare powers had released at 7AM GBT Time and have been in the stores since! They've also re-released the little rares since the demand was so high in the past.

NOTE: Below are the list of all the powers that are now currently released. They will be accuratley updated, so please check often!

1,000 Sins were released. The price is currently 1400 - 1500 xats on Trade, and the price is due to soon drop!

Originally, there was only 4,000 Sins powes that released. It first came out in April 2011, and was supposed to drop to 250 xats, but had sold out at 550 xats. Spider bought 400 Sins and it eventually had so  much demand that the power had risen past 2500 xats! Eventually it lost demand, but was still pretty rare to xat. 

UPDATE 1: Sins is now ALL sold out! The final price was 1342 xats, and is currently the price of 1200 - 1300 xats on Trade! (7.57am)

1,000 Christmas powers were in stores. People started buying when it was getting under 1100 xats, and was growing out very quickly when it was under 1,000 xats. People were buying it for 1050 and eventually got sold out at 5PM GBT Time. The price has now risen quickly to 1150 - 1250 xats.

Christmas is a great festive holiday power, which had became 1800 - 2000 xats a few days before Black Friday appoached. Christmas had always been the most popular and expensive holiday power, also since it comes along with 26 additional smileys! 

UPDATE 1: The price of Christmas is now currently 1400 - 1600 xats on Trade. (7.56am)

Only 500 Angry powers were released in the stores. I'm sorry if you feel very angry about this! The price on Trade is currently 1300 - 1500 xats, and is not very popular at the moment.

Angry was originally 300 xats in stores, and released last year. It came out every hour, and each 1000 would be released. The power was only 450 - 500 for several months until somebody called Fuentes had bought 150 Angrys. It reached 1900 - 2000, but had dropped a few days before the releases. 

UPDATE 1: Angry is starting to be sold out pretty fast now. There are now only 400 remaining! (7.25pm)
UPDATE 2: There are now 300 Angry powers remaining! (7.31pm)
UPDATE 3: 250 Angry powers left! (7.32pm)
UPDATE 4: 200 remaining Angry powers, and not a minute has gone!
UPDATE 5: Less than 100 Angrys left! (7.33pm)
UPDATE 6: Angry is now all sold out! The final price was 1496 xats, and it was 1300 - 1400 xats before Black Friday happened! (7.35pm) 76 were remaining before all of them were bought.     

The group power Fairy were released along with the other rares. 1,000 Fairy powers were released, and is currently the price of 1800 - 2000 xats on Trade. It has lost so much demand from when it was originally 2900 - 3000 xats.

7000 Fairys were originally released costing 500 xats each at first, and dropping 10 xats every hour. The final price was 200 xats, and eventually grew more and more demand. It once reached 3500 xats! However, a week before the release, the power had dropped to 2000 - 2300 xats. 

UPDATE 1: Fairy power is going slow! Only 50 people have bought this power, and it's getting near the price of 2,000 xats in stores! (8.30pm)
UPDATE 2: Fairy is now ALL sold out! The final price was 1,546 xats and it sold out at around 1.30am GBT Time! There are now currently 9,000 Fairys on xat. 


2,000 Diamond powers had got released in stores. This is one of the cheapest powers and was the second one to be sold out. This power sold out at 5.30PM GBT Time and was the second one. The price sold out extremely fast and stopped dropping after it had reached 1005 xats! This power is now currently 1100 - 1200 xats on Trade.

UPDATE 1: When the price was 1060 xats in stores, people were buying high, and also went over store price when it was only 1020 xats.
UPDATE 2: The Diamond power became sold out at 5.30pm GBT Time and is now currently 1050 - 1150 xats on Trade.
UPDATE 3: Diamond has now currently risen to the price of 1200 - 1250 xats. (6.42pm GBT Time)
FINAL UPDATE: The price of Diamond is now currently 1400 - 1600 xats. People buy for the average of 1500 xats! (7.53am)


2,000 Fade powers came out into the stores and unlike Diamond, has not been sold out yet and is still dropping price and in stores. The price of Fade is currently 1900 - 2100 xats on Trade.

UPDATE 1: Fade drops by 30 xats, we are not sure by how many every minutes. Current price is now 2160 xats, and only 1948 are remaining!
UPDATE 2: The power has now been dropped to 2125 xats! That was a reduce of 35 xats! (8.12pm) There are still 1,942 Fades left! 
UPDATE 3: Fade is now ALL sold out! The final price was 1,600 xats, and it sold out at 1AM GBT Time. The price is now currently 1700 - 1900 xats! 


500 Angel powers have been brought out into the stores. This power is the second most expensive rare, and is everybody's favourite! This power has not sold that many, and is still at 6000 - 7000 xats on Trade.

UPDATE 1: Angel has finally dropped under 8000 xats! The price is now 7984 xats and 487 Angel powers still remain! (8.05pm)
UPDATE 2: Angel is now all sold out! The final price was 6692 xats, and is now currently 6900 - 7100 xats on Trade, when it was 6000 - 6500 before!


1,000 Six powers returned since their last arrival on 31st October 2011. The power had lost demand after a week from it's last release, and was 3800 - 4000 xats before the power had come out. The price is dropping in the stores, and will probably most likely fail at the end of the release!

UPDATE 1: Six was sold out at around 11pm GBT Time @3024 xats. The price on Trade is currently 3200 - 3300 xats!

100 Boots were released into the stores, starting at a price which was more than 13,500 xats! Xat were
not supposed to make this power return, due to abuse in the past, but because the price has risen so many times and has not been under 9000 xats for several months, xat had decided to release only a small amount of Boots only for this special occasion!

The power is dropping much more faster than the other powers, but is still at a pretty high price!

UPDATE 1: The Boot power is being sold out pretty fast! (6.30pm) and was only 9000 - 9200 xats on Trade! Only 50 remaining!
UPDATE 2: The Boot power is now ALL sold out. The final price was at 9170 xats and went at 6.35pm GBT Time!


2,000 Gag powers returned for the very first time since its very first release in 2009, where it was released for only 20 days! This power's highest price reached was 3000 xats, and was 2300 - 2500 xats a week before the release! Only 2 weeks ago, Gag had risen to 2500 - 2700 xats, but because of rumous and Black Friday approaching, the demand was lost and the power was droing slightly.

This would make it a total of only 6000 Gags, which is still pretty low, comparing how many of other rares had released!

UPDATE 1: Only 17 Gag powers have been bought at the moment! (6.45pm) and is currently still around 2000 - 2200 xats.
UPDATE 2: The Gag power drops by 40 xats every time.
UPDATE 3: Gag has stayed at 1710 xats for around 5 hours and price has still not been dropped! Power is planning to be withdrawn in stores! (7.40am)

UPDATE 4: The power has been SOLD OUT at the price of 1,246 xats. The price on Trade has increased to 1300 - 1400 xats.
UPDATE 5: The price has decreased to 900 - 1000 xats.  

1,000 Clear were released and is the final one out of all the rares that had released. This power was originally 3600 - 3800 but had dropped to 3000 - 3200 xats because of Black Friday coming.

UPDATE 1: The Clear power is starting to go pretty fast now! Less than 500 remaining now!
UPDATE 2: It may be that Clear drops by 60 xats every 10 minutes. We are not exactly sure, but the last price was 2865 xats!
UPDATE 3: The Clear power is now all sold out! The power went @7.15pm GBT Time and the final price of the power was 2805 xats. It is now currently 2900 - 3000 xats on Trade.
UPDATE 4: Everybody is trying to sell Clear. It has now been dropped to 2800 - 2850 xats! (8.10pm)  

These are all the rare powers that have been released this year! Last year, it was only Chistmas, Angel, Clear, Fade and Diamond. 

What do you think? Have you been making lots of profit? Hope you do, as this will be one of the last times that you will be able to make huge profits as these powers are dropping alot now.

Black Friday - It's an American tradition where shops around the country open as early as 4am so people can get ready for their Chistmas Shopping! 


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  1. Aisha (Administrator)21 January 2012 at 01:13

    It's now the middle of January 2012, and here are the following...

    Purple - 21500 - 21700 xats
    Diamond - 1075 - 1100 xats
    Gag - 1000 - 1050 xats
    Fade - 1550 - 1600 xats
    Six - 3200 - 3300 xats
    Angel - 7700 - 7800 xats
    Clear - 2950 - 3000 xats
    Boot - 9000 - 9100 xats


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