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Gold Power in Store NOW!

Xat released the Gold power between 7-7.30AM GBT Time costing 50,000 xats each!

We assume that 50 were released, and now alot of people have it, so it is now currently dropping big as well as Purple, that now is 21k.

UPDATE 1: Only 25 Gold powers remaining! (7.38PM)
Update 2: 23 Gold powers are left in the stores (7.48PM)
Update 3: Angel has dropped to 6800 - 7000 xats, Six to 4000 - 4300, and Purple to 21,000 - 21,500!
Update 4: Purple has dropped to 20,000 - 20,500 xats, and there are around 10 gold powers remaining!
Update 5: Gold powers are all sold out at 10.15-10.30AM GBT Time! It took 3 hours to stock out the 50 that were in stores!
Update 6: Xat released another bunch of Gold powers at 6PM GBT Time! The price reached 55,000 an hour before the release was due! It is now back to 49,500 - 50,000 xats!  
Final Update: The Purple power has risen back to 21,000 - 21,500 xats, but how long will it be until it goes either up or down?! 

Gold power description:
  When having this power, you will go on top of anyone, unless they have a shortname and you don't, topman or a higher rank and you don't have that either. You will always appear Gold, even when you are on stealth mode, unlike Purple. However, you will still appear red when offline, or brown when you are banned. This power has almost the same description as Purple, but just has a better look. Gold is not required for the Allpowers smiley, but must be required with the complete & epics section.

Have you now managed to grab yourself a Gold power? Let me know!

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