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Looking for new authors...

Hello everyone,

I would just like to ask for those who visit my site or play xat often, if they can share their general knowledge on this blog. It started in July 2011 after I had decided to leave my old blog on Wordpress and move onto here, where it is much better and easier to use!

As you can see, unlike my own blog, I have promised to update straight away every time a new update that benefits xat users onto the new blog, whereas on the old blog it was never updated! It also requires all the written information that you need to provide yourself a great xat knowledge and experience!

At the moment there are 5 hired authors, and at the moment 1 is active at times. Although I do have help from Christina, 42 and my good friend Carbon with xat info that I tend to miss, I would appreciate if more people would be able to help out!

It may not seem like alot, but considering how xat have blocked blogspot so I can't advertise via homepage though I have put it as my link, it has reached almost 3,000 hits. That is impressive, as my old blog has been around for 2 years and has only got 7,000 hits. If more people are authors and post daily, then more people will be influenced by you all and will check it out. We are the most updated as well as the xat Help blog, but unlike them we provide you with every piece of info you need to know, as well as pictures!

That would be another thing I would like to post about. Copyright infringement is not acceptable when taken from this blog. ALL xat pictures are owned by me, however the actual website and all is owned by 42, the xat administrator on xat. He is well aware that we take screen-shots, so he is not totally bothered. However, I would like to make this clear that I hope blogs do not take a picture and paste it onto their blog without my permission, or else I have no other choice but to put a watermark on it, which would sadly ruin the picture. I would not like to do that. I have ways of finding out.

Here are the following things required in order to become an author to the official Aishasites' blog!
Step 1: Comment on this blog with your xat username so I can add you.
Step 2: Once we have managed to reach in contact, give me your e-mail address and then confirm to get started!
Final step: Accept the terms and conditions and then start posting away! (:

Please tell me if you are interested. If not, please check out the blog often, it's very useful!    

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