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Power 152 finally revealed as 'MAZEBAN'!

After a week and a half with the test power #152 not being revealed, we finally see that it is a power called, 'MAZEBAN'.

Power #152 was 4000 - 5000 xats, and reduced to 1000 - 2000 xats.This new powe was influenced for the xatchats contest, and you can see what it'll be like on their contests page!

The aim of the game is to try and get out of the maze in a certain amount of time. There are different levels to the maze, and it gets harder each time. Quickest to get out of there is the better score!

We think that this power may be unlimited, and it will release today, because of 'Thanksgiving Day' this coming Friday, and BLACK FRIDAY the following day. This year may not be so great, but we can sense some profits going around everyone.

More updates on the power when it is due for release.

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