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Power 152 In Testing!

I've finally managed to find someone who has the next power, #152 and it just happens to be the Main Owner on Trade, Christina!

At the moment, there is nobody selling the power or buying it at the moment, and it is due to be released tomorrow. I wonder what the next power could be... there are rumours that it may be called 'Magic', but more details will be posted tomorrow!

Also, tomorrow is Veterans day / Rememberance Day, a day where we pay our tributes and remember all those who died in both, the first and second World War. There are rumours that xat are planning to release the limited power Military to celebrate the day, like last year, when they released 1111 Military powers costing 200 xats each.

The price of Military at the moment is 400 - 450, but we shall soon see what goes on in 42's mind!

NOTE: Rare powers are starting to drop as users begin to prepare for this years Black Friday celebration in 2 weeks time! Sins has dropped from 1900 - 2000 to 1750 - 1800, Flower has dropped from 1650 - 1700 to 1500 - 1550, Purple has dropped to 24400 - 24550, Namecolor has dropped to 9800 - 9850, Angel has dropped to 8000, Heart has dropped to 1750 - 1800, Halloween to 1000 - 1050, Nerd to 190 - 200, and Spaceban 1050 - 1100! Already, powers are being sold for cheap!

We'll give you a full list on the Fair Trading Guide next week which powers are dropping, so be aware that they may be extremely low!

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