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More Gold released...

Hey guys!

Just a few minutes ago, xat released 10 more Gold powers in the stores. Sadly, I was not able to take a picture or see it in the stores, but it sold out rapidly.
Note: The last Gold power release was @4AM GBT Time. No more were released since then until now.

The power costs 50,000 xats, and is an Epic power! There are rumours that the power will be released next week unlimited, resulting in Purple to go down in tears...

Here's all the powers that have dropped due to the appearence of Gold...

Six 4000 - 4300 
Angel 7000 - 7500
Fairy 2500 - 2800
Thanksgiving 1600 - 1800
Purple 22000 - 22500

Gold is currently being bought at 55,000 - 65,000 xats. More people are selling it. The people who managed to get it at this release were...
Damien, Carbon, Al3x, 404NotFound, Lefa, iOnee, Shiron, Onyx  and Diztrox had it before. We don't know who else bought on this hour, but will keep you posted when able to.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Also, xat have re-opened the auction for 11M after someone offered 615,000 xats!

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