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Happy Thanksgiving everybody! It's a day early, but as we all know, the American holiday starts tomorrow!

As xat is American, they would celebrate this holiday too, and so they decided to release the limited power, Thanksgiving!

^ The release was at 4PM GBT Time. 750 Thanksgiving powers were released starting at 1,500 xats each! The price will continue to drop until nobody buys anymore.

NOTE: Thank you to everyone who was able to provide me with all the information needed. Around 5 people who are mostly in my PC'S managed to help me out. Thanks once again! @picture

Below, we will keep you updated with the following updates on the power, as well as other powers on the Trade chatroom!

UPDATE 1: It may be confirmed that the Thanksgiving power drops 18 xats every 10 minutes! The price is now 1,194 xats!
UPDATE 2: The price of Thanksgiving is now currently 1000 - 1050 xats on Trade! The price was originally 1300 - 1400 xats before the release...
UPDATE 3: Clear has now been dropped to 2900 - 3000 xats. Six has been dropped to 3800 - 4000, and Fairy has dropped under 2000 xats!
UPDATE 4: The Thanksgiving power has now been dropped to 1176 xats!  NOTE: Every time the power drops it will now be highlighted in the color blue!
UPDATE 5: Purple has been dropped to under 20,000 xats, and the Angel power is now 6500 xats! Namecolor is dropping lower than 9,000 xats, and maybe even more, so don't buy yours yet!
UPDATE 6: Somebody is selling the Angry power for  1,400 xats, with no demand. Therefore, that may be a victim of big price dropping!
UPDATE 7: R1 must be pretty mad by now, huh?! He had almost 900 Thanksgivings before the release, and the price is now currently 1158 xats!
UPDATE 8: The Thanksgiving power has now been dropped to 1140 xats! (5.45PM)
UPDATE 9: Alot of people are desperate to sell their Angel powers more than anything at the moment! Price is now currently 6000 - 6500 xats!
UPDATE 10: Thanksgiving is now down to 1122 xats! (5.52PM) and the price will most likely next drop @5.50PM
UPDATE 11: Everyone is preparing for Black Friday which is tomorrow. People predict that Gag and Angel are some of the powers that are due to release.
UPDATE 12: Thanksgiving has now been reduced to 1068 xats! The power is going out pretty fast! ONLY 593 REMAINING! (6.30PM)
UPDATE 13: The power has now been dropped to 1050 xats! This power is most likely going to be sold out at 1,000 xats or a bit higher at this right, as it is now growing some more demand! This may also turn out like Halloween, as it then dropped to 850 xats soon after! Almost 570 remaining! (6.40PM)
UPDATE 14: The price of Thanksgiving is now 1032 xats! (6.47PM) I am now going to stop updating the price, but it is now confirmed that the price will drop 18 xats every 10 minutes!
UPDATE 15: The Thanksgiving power has finally dropped less than 1000 xats! It is currently at 996 xats at 7.05PM GBT Time!  
UPDATE 16: Thanksgiving is now ALL sold out! The power was going rapidly @7.15 GBT Time and went when it was 996 xats!
FINAL UPDATE: Thanksgiving is now currently 900 - 950 xats due to Black Friday's rares releasing.
Happy Thanksgiving Day to all, and hope you grab some profit out of this! Black Friday will also be approaching, so make sure you grab what you can before the Christmas Holidays!

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