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Rumours November 2011

It's a new month this month, and we're going to give you all of the xat rumours that have been going on for November 2011! These predictions / rumours that we usually find or say are usually true, so you'd better believe it...!

Black Friday is returning this year...!
Yes. There is going to be another Black Friday on xat this year, as it was a huge success last year! Over 500 people came on Trade and Cambio to buy the rares they were releasing. Purple was 24,000, Boot was 9,000, and rares such as Angel dropped to 6000! It was a blast!

If you can remember, the following rares released... 

1,000 Diamonds were released costing 2,000 xats at around 4PM GBT Time and was 1 per user every 3 minutes. The maximum you were able to buy were 3 Diamond powers. The price before was 3800 - 4000, and dropped to 2800 - 3000 xats a few days later!

1,000 Fades were the second power to release at 6PM GBT Time costing 2,000 xats as well. It was 1 per user every 3 minutes. The price before was 4800 - 5000 xats, and soon after dropped from 4,000 xats to 2900 - 3000 xats! Big drop!

1,000 Clears released 2 hours after the Fade release. It was 8PM GBT Time and was also 2,000 xats! It was a huge demand in the month, where it hit the 6k mark. But, after the release, it became 4000 - 4500 xats, and soon became 3800 - 3900!

1,000 Angel powers came out at 10PM GBT Time, and was also at a cheap 2,000 xats! This was the power that everyone was rushing to get, as it is very popular! The price was 8500 - 9000 but after the release a few days later it dropped alot to only 6500 - 7000 xats!

1,000 Christmas were the final powers to release at Midnight, where it was costing 1,000 xats each! They decided to sell the festive holiday power a month early, but was fine. It was 2000 - 2300 before release was due, and dropped to soon 1000 - 1200 xats! Like all, it was 1 per user.

The day before Black Friday, the powers that released were...
500-1,000 Feast powers were released at 200 xats each to make up for no warning when became limited. Price was 600 - 650 before release, but had dropped to 400 - 450 xats!

1,000 Thanksgiving released costing at 700 xats each a few hours after the Feast release. 1 per user! The price was 1600 - 1800 before release, and had dropped to 1100 - 1150! A day after, 1,000 more Thanksgiving powers were released at 700 xats each, and had dropped to 900 - 950 xats! A month later, it had dropped to a failing 850 xats.

The following powers may be...

1,500 Angel powers have been released costing 10,000 xats in store! N.B. Price will drop 250 xats every 10 minutes! Has been released at 10PM GBT Time!

1,000 Thanksgiving are released starting at 2,500 xats! Price will drop every 10 minutes by a reducement of 100+ xats! Price will stop between 1,000 - 1,200 xats.

1,000 Sins powers have been released to make up for the 4,000 that released in April. Power will start at 1,000 xats and will drop every 10 minutes by 10-50 xats. Price may stop at 300 xats!

1,000 Six were released in stores starting at 10,000 xats! Price will drop every 10 minutes, and will stop at around 4500 xats!


Feast may also return in the stores, but we are not certain.


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