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How to Profit

This article will explain to you on how to profit. First off, here's a breif summary on Profiting:

What is profiting?
Profiting is when you start off with something and after you've completed the trade, you earn a little bit more than what you started off with. Profits can be either big or small, as long as you have earned something extra, it counts as a profit.

There are certain steps on how to get a good profit on a power...

1) Buy when the power is low!
Limited powers such as Diamond are really great to profit on when they are at a low price! So, how do you know when that power has a good price? Powers usually drop between 500 - 2500 xats after they have been released, including how many were released. In March 2011, Diamond was 2850 - 2900 xats and Clear was 4000 - 4200 xats. 500 Diamonds were released for 1,800 each and 500 Clears were released for 3,000 each. Diamond then became 2200 - 2400 and Clear was 3300 - 3500. Buying at least 10 of a power and then waiting a few months is worth the patience, depending on how many you have bought, and the amount of xats you've got!

2) Buy limited powers from store...
Limited powers that are usually released in the store can be really good to profit on Trade afterwards! Almost all of the rares are higher on Trade than the price they were released on store. The higher the rare is, the higher the price will be when released on the store. Example: In October 2010 Angel was 8000 - 9000 xats, so xat released 1,000 angels for 2,000 xats each, and after it dropped to 6,500 - 7,000 xats. Now it is over 10k.

3) Have alot of xats!
You mainly need alot of xats if you are willing to buy over 100 of a power that is low. Get powers that have low quantity, like Feast or Flower (even though they have become expensive now). It's great to risk things, because sometimes you can lose, but you can also sometimes win!

4) Sell powers for higher prices than what you paid for!
Try and trade with that certain person if they are buying something a bit higher than what you bought for, or trade with someone that may sell something that's 5 xats less than what it's worth! It's still a profit, no matter how small it is! You'll gradually build up, if you keep doing this.

5) Make your power popular!
People on Trade only become interested in that certain power if it's popular and everyone is buying it. You can do this by either forming a profit group or buying at least 500+ of that power for a quite higher price than what it's worth (convincing people that it's up), you also need to be very rich sadly. (At least 150k) or it won't be such a success.

6) Wait for a power to raise...
If you've got a power for quite a low price, and it's been weeks and the power may have dropped or stayed at the same price, don't trash it away or try to sell it for a lower price than what you paid for! I've done this many times, as I am impatient. Powers can raise at any time. Example: Blastde was 250-300 xats for 6 months, and nobody cared about it, but earlier this month it reached 900 - 1000 and people were interested! Almost all the rares have risen at least 200 xats than what it was worth at the beginning of the year. Patience is the key.

I hope after reading this article you can understand a bit more about how profiting works. Basically, It's all about gambling 50/50.

Comment about your experiences in profiting!
Good luck!

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