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How To Play SnakeBan!

SnakeBan is a classic and original game. It has been around for quite a few years now. Below, is what the game on xat was influenced by.

The aim is that you are a worm. You must eat the dots. Each dot you catch, you gain more and more points. The worm also gets bigger. If you accidently clash in the wall or yourself, you lost a life. If you lose all of your lives, then it's officially Game Over!

Here is the following guide on how to complete SnakeBan...!

Note: The following is a 1 hour ban!

The countdown is happening, and starts from 5 seconds. If you see the Apple that is highlighed with the red box, that is usually where the first apple will appear when the game starts!

Aim for Snakeban: You must try and guide your Snake to eat all of the apples that you are meant to eat. For example, if you have been snake-banned for 1 hour , you must always eat 6 apples. For a 12 hour ban, you must eat 9 apples

How to play the Game

Use the arrow keys like shown below to guide your Snake to the apple shown above. To move it up press the up button, down the down button, etc.

What happens when you Gain Points!

Tip: For each apple you gain, the more points you get. For a 1 hour snakeban you must eat 6 apples . Therefore, if you need to get 30 points , then you get 5 points for each apple that you eat! (5 points x 6 apples = 30 score = 1 hour snakeban)

As you can see, the more apples I eat, the higher the score becomes. I ate 2 apples which has given me a total of 12 points. Sometimes the score looks different, but it always adds up to the same eventually! The bad thing about this is though, that the more apples you eat, the longer the Snake becomes! If you look at the snake length here and the one above, there's a big difference... but it's only going to get BIGGER!

Errors and Mistakes when Playing the Game...

There are 2 kinds of mistakes you can do when playing Snakeban. Both of these mean you have to start from the very beginning, which can be a big pain! They are the following...

When you go on the sides of the box, it will have a message saying, 'You hit the wall!'. This is an error and means you have to start again , losing all your points! Not nice, huh? The time also starts again, so you won't get a longer time from all of your mistakes!

When your snake gets too long, eventually you have to be aware and careful that you don't eat yourself. If the part of the snake gets in your way, then you conceeded an error. Your points will be lost, and your time starts again!

Congratulations, you've finished your time! It will show the time you completed the SnakeBan, with the duration of it.

If you would like to try Snakeban for yourself, you can so by clicking the following: Try Snakeban

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