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Since a few of you have asked me to do another Contest, I'll do one! However, this won't have a very big prize, as It's an incredibly easy and fun contest.

As everyone knows, the last 3 powers that xat have done: Matchban, Nerd, School have all required you completing a quiz before being able to purchase the power.

The subject for the quiz is 'Scamming and how to avoid being scammed'. The questions are all pretty easy and simple, but yet some still do not understand the ways that scammers try to take your stuff.

So what's the catch? You need to comment and tell me why xat are doing all these quizzes about scamming (there's already been 3), and what they're trying to tell people. Seems easy, huh? There's some rules!

  • You must include your xat name and registration ID, or you will not be counted in the contest.
  • There will also be a poll on the blog somewhere, saying 'What power has the most helpful quiz'. You must give an an answer to the poll, or you will not be counted for the competition. (This is for our benefit, as if you need help with avoiding scammers even more, we are happy to try and support you)
  • You can only post one entry. If you are caught posting more than one, you will automatically be disqualified.
  • The story about why xat are doing this might be at least 150 words. If there are less than 125 then you will not be counted for the contest. Words between 125-150 may be considered and you may still be in the contest, as I don't expect you to count every word.
The prize for the contest will be 200 xats, as this is an incredibly easy and fun thing to do, and I would like to know your opinions and what you think of the scheme xat are doing.

All entries must be completed by the end of September. Results will be announced sometime in the middle of October.

Note: All entries must be posted in the comments box on this page. If it is somewhere else, your entry will not be counted.


Wanna hold a contest?

If you would like to hold a contest, please read here:
  • Unless It's a Snakeban or Spaceban contest, if you hold a contest on the Aishasites blog, you must hold ALL contests on the Aishasites chatroom.
  • You must first grant Aisha's permission. You will be an Owner for 6 hours to hold the contest. (even if you run away we can use your ID to guest you)
  • If you abuse the power of the contest, or deliberatley cause a disruption to the chat, you will be banned forever and guested.
  • When holding a contest, you hold great responsibility. There's usually a main owner online to keep an eye on you.
  • If you would like to speak to Aisha about holding a contest, type /f89694323 and my ID user is Aisha...
Any other things you would / should know or have any questions, please comment. Also, please post a comment if you want to hold a contest, and I can handle it further.

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