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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Power 194 is 'SNAKERACE': Official Guide

Hey everyone!

Yesterday we discovered that Power 194 was spotted and had been tested on, but now 42 has announced that it's going to be called...


Just like we do with the recent powers, we have an official guide to explain to you how it works...

So, where shall I start? Well, as you can see by the name it's going to be a 'RACE' power, which means you will be competing with other users. You can also tell from the picture and the 'Snake' in the power that it will be related to the Snakeban power!

I also predict that we are perhaps going to see a 'Spacerace' , a 'Coderace' and a 'Mazerace' as they already have done a snake and matchrace!


At **6.10pm GMT** I went on the newly created official Snakerace chat where there were 2 tabs of users playing the game for xats! So I decided to try it out!
Note: The bot had private messaged me saying that I did NOT have the SNAKERACE power, therefore I was not able to play the game. Hmm, I wonder if this is until testing is over?

Step 1: It starts by counting down from 3.

The objective for this level is to eat 12 apples before all the other users playing with you does. Speed and concentration is key!

Step 2: If you look down at the image below, it will explain to you what each feature in the game does if you are not aware of the SNAKEBAN power itself!

The image below shows the other users competing against me in the game!

Now look at the next image below. As you can see, because the other users are eating the required amount of apples, their snake grows bigger. When it gets to the other side, they have achieved the target!

Final Step: Once the time has finished, the scoreboard will be announced on the times everyone got to the other side. Of course, the winner is FIRST, and if you are competing for xats, they get them also.

There you have it! Seems pretty simple and probably much easier than the other ones, doesn't it?

Now, let's look on the more business point of view. Here is a user with the power!

And I also managed to catch another user selling it!

Why are they trying to sell? Because I saw that they brought it out into the stores. The power is currently LIMITED.

Update: Thanks to EXCLUSIVE information from Carbon, we found out that there were test powers that released!

20 released costing 200 xats at **5.00pm GMT+0**

So, what do you think of this power? Did you find our guide helpful? Will you decide to buy this power?

Leave a comment to let me know!

Power 194 ARRIVES!

Hi everyone,

Last week we witnessed that KPIG was power 195... but what had happened to Power 194? Well, the answer to that question has been REVEALED!

At **2.45pm GMT** I went on Help to find Alex the volunteer holding the upcoming power!
There's currently not much to say, apart from I managed to get an image of Power 194...

Surprisingly, It's Thursday afternoon and we haven't seen test powers at this time for a while! Anyhow, we don't know what it is, but once we do we'll give you ALL the info!

Do you think Power 194 will be LIMITED or UNLIMITED , or perhaps it's going to be a GROUP power?!

Leave a comment to let me know! 

Nameglow Glitch?

Hey everyone,

I was on Monchocho last night catching up to an old friend where I saw something strange happen...

A user had a strange nameglow, as the blue was taking over the black. Also, the status also had a nameglow around it, which is NOT supposed to happen!

I am not sure what the cause is, but the user does have (>69069) in their name, which could have something to do with it?

Have you seen this before, and if so, do YOU know what the cause is? 

Leave a comment and let me know! (You'll get credit and may get rewarded!)

EXCLUSIVE: 'test' Shortname second ever CREATED!

Hey guys!

I went on Fort this morning where I was talking to a moderator there called Mitchell. There, he had a very rare and cool shortname known as 'test'.

Apparently, this was sold and it was the SECOND shortname ever to be created! Wow!

You can see for yourself through this image below:

What do you think? I think it looks pretty cool, and the user has an awesome ID as well! 

How much do you think it costed? Leave a comment and let me know!

EXCLUSIVE: KPIG Power Release Guide!

Hey everybody,

As we were well aware of last night, 42 released KPIG (Power 195) into the stores.

I figured that I don't really need to do this guide because there is a banner giving the countdown for every release.

If you haven't yet spotted the banner, then I will show you below:

Note: For every set, x1000 releases costing 250 xats

Please be aware that this power is a LIMITED one.

Why don't you use this free banner and post it your chat or any xat blog, and let all the other users know! It's FREE and you WON'T be charged for copyright for using this banner! So go ahead!

Also, to tell your friends on xat that you were lucky to see 1 kpig power remaining, we're giving you permission to let ANYONE use this banner! 

To get the link for this picture, Click here

So, have you gotten yourself a KPIG power yet? Be aware that it's not doing so well on Trade now, although it took half an hour for it to sell!

Let me know by leaving a comment below!



UPDATE: Almost 2 hours until release... KPIG Arrives at Store!

Hey guys!

As you are all now aware, 42 has announced the release time of KPIG through banner everywhere on xat.com.

Because of this, we all should have enough xats as it will be a LIMITED power and will likely be released in one set.

At **5.15pm GMT** I went to check the Power store to see if they had updated anything, and they had!

Note: Remember, it gives you x11 KPIG kaoani smileys. To check them out, read our previous post about the power!

Update: x1000 released costing 250 xats each. The price on Trade afterwards was 300 - 370 xats. (8pm GMT)

What do you think? Have you been put off by the power? If not, how many are you planning to buy? I'm dying to know, so leave a comment below and tell me!

Note: Also, have you checked out something? We've got a paralympic theme getting started for now! Woo! Are you excited for that? Let me know, because I am!


Xat Anniversary... A little Insight!

Hey everyone!

As many of you are aware of, 18th September is a very important date for those who go on xat.com.

Yes, that's correct... it's their ANNIVERSARY! 

Alot of users on xat_test were excited because last year 42 released Clear, Angel and Fade powers into the stores for cheap prices!

Let's take a little look at the main points which happened between September 2011 - September 2012. (best point per month)

September 2011
After the anniversary had occured, PEACE was released. It was supposed to be unlimited, however it was limited for a few weeks and users were able to make some profit with it!

October 2011:
Happy halloween, guys! 42 was kind enough as to release Halloween a week before it was actually on. However, on the day he decided to release SIX after over 14 months!

November 2011:
A glorious time for traders everywhere as 42 re-released a whole bunch of limited powers into the stores. For Thanksgiving Day, Feast and Thanksgiving powers were out, and then the following day it was Black Friday, where ALL the limited powers were out all at once! Users were spoilt for choice! Sadly, it was not as much of a success as you may have thought it was...

We also saw the debut for xat's 4th official epic power known as GOLD. This power currently costs 50,000 xats and was supposed to become unlimited eventually. During this present day, it has not been unlimited...

December 2011:
Ho ho ho! At the end of the month, 42 released Newyear to celebrate 2012 coming on its way with a whole load of events!
(What many of us were not aware of however, was that it was going to turn LIMITED)

January 2012:
Drama had occured, as xat had a Chat glitch! Users were able to buy ANY chat they wanted which wasn't an official xat chat! It was mostly the popular Club Penguin chats that were affected! However, a few hours later, the problem was sorted.

February 2012:
Carnival was a power that had released and was supposed to be unlimited. Sadly though, a few days later 42 wanted to be sneaky and made it limited. This bought the users buying like crazy, however the demand soon dropped the next day and so did the power...

Also, HEART and VALENTINE powers returned to the stores to celebrate this year's Valentine's Day! Aww...

March 2012:
As St. Patrick's day was at this time of month and year, 42 released some more IRISH powers into the stores.       

There was also a login glitch where you would lose all your xats / days and powers. Eventually this glitch got sorted.

April 2012:
Happy Easter, everyone! Easter was re-released.

May 2012:
Xat released ID auctions where you would be able to bid on restricted and unrestricted 7 and 8 digit ID's. This caused the value to be dropped heavily.

At the end of the month, 42 created another Auction, but this time for Powers. KBEE was the first power to be put up into the newly made Auction, with loads of profit as a result. 

Also, 500 Clears were put up for Auction.

June 2012:
For the whole weekend, 42 re-released all sorts of limited powers into the Power Auction, even the small powers.

July 2012:
As it was the London 2012 games this month, 42 released the OLYMPIC power. That had some demand as users were eager to celebrate the games!

August 2012:
The latest craze was here, as 42 released DOODLERACE and MATCHRACE, games where ALL users were able to play the game without requiring the power. It was a success!

So,  there you have it! Those are the key points I picked out for each month!

However, that is MY opinion. What were your best bits for each month? Are you excited for this year's Anniversary? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Oink oink! Power 195 is KPIG: Official Blog Guide!

Hey everybody, guess what?!

We've just found out that power 195 is actually going to be called KPIG. Oink oink!

I came on xat_test at around **1.45pm GMT** where I was lucky enough to see a moderator called Ryaan there with the new power!

I guess that they still bring out the K'animal' powers, so now we can have a whole farm of them, lol!

Anyways, here is the smiley in the different forms you may see it in...

The power comes with 11 different Pig themed smileys. We've posted them in order from left to right:


42 has announced the Official release of the KPIG power by publishing a banner everywhere on the site! 

If you haven't seen it yet, make sure you look out for the following banner below...

They also announced that it will be a LIMITED power, so stock up on your xats NOW!

OFFICIAL Release Time: KPIG releases at **20.00+0 (8.00pm) GMT Time** LIMITED!

So, what do you think of the new power, Kpig? Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!


Power 195 Currently Spotted!

Hi there fellow xat friends!

I went on xat_test this afternoon and as it usually does happen on a Friday afternoon, the new power was spotted as Davide was holding one!

Take a look what I saw below!

What do you think Power 195 is going to be? We've already had surprises with Matchrace and Burningheart, so could this be third in a row?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment!


NEW Matchrace Banner

Hey guys!

Yes, sadly I was pretty busy, so I have quite alot of catching up to do! Let's start with the MATCHRACE power!

Do you remember when the Doodlerace power it was so popular that 42 wanted to advertise it's success with a banner? Well, the same thing applies with Matchrace!

This banner appears on almost ANY page from the official xat website!

What do you think of this banner? I think it looks so awesome that I may end up putting it on the blog in the upcoming days! Leave a comment and let me know what YOU think!

Update: Matchrace comes with a pawn for a limited time only. It looks like this!


Note: It's confirmed that there are a total of x2500 Matchrace powers in TOTAL. No more have been released since our last post as the demand was so low and there's no point in it returning.

However, we are confident that it will be UNLIMITED soon.

IMPORTANT: Burningheart Power: BURNINGHEART is now LIMITED as it has not been released in the stores for the last few days now! There should be less than 4000 in total.

x1000 MATCHRACE Powers at Stores NOW! (Constant Updates)

Hey guys!

Early yesterday morning 42 released some more MATCHRACE powers, and man are they doing so bad through the stores!

x1000 released costing 400 xats

Xat did not announce this release via @twitter but we did find out about it. Here it is a day later (today @10am)

Why could the demand be so low, you may wonder? Why isn't it making NO profit whatsoever? Well, there are a few reasons for this...

  1. MATCHRACE is a game that you don't need to buy the power in order to play the game. Many official xat chats have the power and as they are very popular, all the users just go there and it's a success! Why buy the power for your own chat if nobody comes (no offense) but chats like the official Matchrace chat has over 60+ people! 
2. Following our first point, if the demand goes so low because nobody wants to buy the power, then the users who bought it thinking it would 'profit' would have no choice but to sell.

However, because nobody wants to buy it, they are forced to try and sell lower than they bought for (store price) and they use it being released in stores to stop it from going down even FURTHER!
But don't worry guys, soon it will hopefully become UNLIMITED. There are currently 2500 in TOTAL.

Did you play the MATCHRACE game yet, or buy the power? Let me know by leaving a comment below this post!

42 Spotted at Hangout!

Hey guys!

At **6.30pm GMT** last night I saw 42 was on xat.com/Hangout for some strange reason. It was more popular than usual, and yes, it is an official chat!

I'm not sure why he came on however, but a random user gave him 4 days for FREE and he was in a private chat conversation with Glitch. (main owner)

Were you there to see 42? Let me know!


x1000 MATCHRACE Powers at Stores NOW! (Constant Updates)

Hey guys!

At **1-1.30pm GMT** 42 decided to release some more MATCHRACE 'test powers' into the stores!

1000 released costing 400 xats

Sadly, I assume the release is going to be a long one. This is because it has NO demand through trading as you don't need the power to play it and all the popular chats are doing this game.

Last night, the price on Trade was only 400 - 430 xats when there were only 500 in total. It has been over an hour and not even half have been bought. Users are currently selling for 380 - 390 xats so if you're trying to make some profit then I recommend that you DON'T buy through store!

We will be sure to keep you up to date and post any important information!

Did you buy yourself a MATCHRACE power? Have you played the game yet? If so, what were your thoughts on it?

Don't forget to leave a comment below!

x500 MATCHRACE Powers in Stores NOW! (Final Updates)

Hey guys!

At **5.25pm GMT** 42 was finished with the testing and decided to release MATCHRACE into the stores!

x500 released costing 400 xats

They have been released as test powers, and therefore it is currently LIMITED as well as being a group power , but don't worry as it will soon become 'UNLIMITED'.

On trading terms, however, hardly anyone is buying the power at the moment, while many users are attempting to sell for 700 - 1000 xats thinking a 'sucker' is out there. (no offence)

What do you think of the power? Read our previous post for FULL DETAILS as well as the chat to join the fun!

Make sure you leave me your thoughts through the comments below!  

Note: We have discovered that BURNINGHEART is actually Power 193. We also presume that it has STOPPED releasing, making there less than 4,000 in total!

Welcome 'MATCHRACE'... Also known as Power 192!

Hey guys!

Last night, 42 had announced on @twitter that the next power, (power 192) was going to be known as Matchrace.

So, I went on xat_test at **3.30pm GMT** today to find out what the power was. Here was 42 who was on the chat at the time...

And here was 42 with the power!

The bigger version of the smiley is shown below: (with credit to xatworld.com for their Smiley Generator)


Yep, you guessed it, it looks very similar to the DOODLERACE power we witnessed a couple of weeks ago... that's because it's going to be a Game power .

This is the official Guide to the MATCHRACE power, one which will be released in a few hours time. We may miss out certain information, but we are still uncovering. Be sure to get a sneak peek through our one and only xat blog!

So, where do I start? This game is pretty much just like the Matchban power that was released in August 2011 , except you have to try and race other users!

Just like with DOODLERACE, to enter the game just click 'Games' on the APPs (left side) and then click 'MATCHRACE'.

Once you have done that, it will have a 3 second countdown until the game starts. Make sure you're prepared!

You will have a certain level to the game as well as a certain target. 

Below is a level 2 game where I need to try and reach 120 meters. To reach the goal you need to try and get smileys in a row, just like with the Matchban power. You have a time limit, which depends on the user who's hosting, and you also get to see how much you've done!

Sadly, you can not see what the other users are doing.

The results will be announced just like with Doodlerace.

And there you go! 42 was also seen trying to test the bot by trying out all the different types of commands.

So, that's all we managed to uncover! If there are any sorts of information that we missed out, then please leave a comment below this post and let me know. I will credit you.

What do you think of this power? It's obviously going to be a game power just like Doodlerace, but I don't think it'll be as popular as Doodlerace, and it will also be UNLIMITED as well as a Group Power!

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below!

Note: There's going to be an Official chat to play MATCHRACE like there was with Doodlerace. Click the link below to join and test out the upcoming power!

Aishasites' Official Chat!

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