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Power 194 is 'SNAKERACE': Official Guide

Hey everyone!

Yesterday we discovered that Power 194 was spotted and had been tested on, but now 42 has announced that it's going to be called...


Just like we do with the recent powers, we have an official guide to explain to you how it works...

So, where shall I start? Well, as you can see by the name it's going to be a 'RACE' power, which means you will be competing with other users. You can also tell from the picture and the 'Snake' in the power that it will be related to the Snakeban power!

I also predict that we are perhaps going to see a 'Spacerace' , a 'Coderace' and a 'Mazerace' as they already have done a snake and matchrace!


At **6.10pm GMT** I went on the newly created official Snakerace chat where there were 2 tabs of users playing the game for xats! So I decided to try it out!
Note: The bot had private messaged me saying that I did NOT have the SNAKERACE power, therefore I was not able to play the game. Hmm, I wonder if this is until testing is over?

Step 1: It starts by counting down from 3.

The objective for this level is to eat 12 apples before all the other users playing with you does. Speed and concentration is key!

Step 2: If you look down at the image below, it will explain to you what each feature in the game does if you are not aware of the SNAKEBAN power itself!

The image below shows the other users competing against me in the game!

Now look at the next image below. As you can see, because the other users are eating the required amount of apples, their snake grows bigger. When it gets to the other side, they have achieved the target!

Final Step: Once the time has finished, the scoreboard will be announced on the times everyone got to the other side. Of course, the winner is FIRST, and if you are competing for xats, they get them also.

There you have it! Seems pretty simple and probably much easier than the other ones, doesn't it?

Now, let's look on the more business point of view. Here is a user with the power!

And I also managed to catch another user selling it!

Why are they trying to sell? Because I saw that they brought it out into the stores. The power is currently LIMITED.

Update: Thanks to EXCLUSIVE information from Carbon, we found out that there were test powers that released!

20 released costing 200 xats at **5.00pm GMT+0**

So, what do you think of this power? Did you find our guide helpful? Will you decide to buy this power?

Leave a comment to let me know!

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