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Welcome 'MATCHRACE'... Also known as Power 192!

Hey guys!

Last night, 42 had announced on @twitter that the next power, (power 192) was going to be known as Matchrace.

So, I went on xat_test at **3.30pm GMT** today to find out what the power was. Here was 42 who was on the chat at the time...

And here was 42 with the power!

The bigger version of the smiley is shown below: (with credit to xatworld.com for their Smiley Generator)


Yep, you guessed it, it looks very similar to the DOODLERACE power we witnessed a couple of weeks ago... that's because it's going to be a Game power .

This is the official Guide to the MATCHRACE power, one which will be released in a few hours time. We may miss out certain information, but we are still uncovering. Be sure to get a sneak peek through our one and only xat blog!

So, where do I start? This game is pretty much just like the Matchban power that was released in August 2011 , except you have to try and race other users!

Just like with DOODLERACE, to enter the game just click 'Games' on the APPs (left side) and then click 'MATCHRACE'.

Once you have done that, it will have a 3 second countdown until the game starts. Make sure you're prepared!

You will have a certain level to the game as well as a certain target. 

Below is a level 2 game where I need to try and reach 120 meters. To reach the goal you need to try and get smileys in a row, just like with the Matchban power. You have a time limit, which depends on the user who's hosting, and you also get to see how much you've done!

Sadly, you can not see what the other users are doing.

The results will be announced just like with Doodlerace.

And there you go! 42 was also seen trying to test the bot by trying out all the different types of commands.

So, that's all we managed to uncover! If there are any sorts of information that we missed out, then please leave a comment below this post and let me know. I will credit you.

What do you think of this power? It's obviously going to be a game power just like Doodlerace, but I don't think it'll be as popular as Doodlerace, and it will also be UNLIMITED as well as a Group Power!

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below!

Note: There's going to be an Official chat to play MATCHRACE like there was with Doodlerace. Click the link below to join and test out the upcoming power!

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