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Xat Anniversary... A little Insight!

Hey everyone!

As many of you are aware of, 18th September is a very important date for those who go on xat.com.

Yes, that's correct... it's their ANNIVERSARY! 

Alot of users on xat_test were excited because last year 42 released Clear, Angel and Fade powers into the stores for cheap prices!

Let's take a little look at the main points which happened between September 2011 - September 2012. (best point per month)

September 2011
After the anniversary had occured, PEACE was released. It was supposed to be unlimited, however it was limited for a few weeks and users were able to make some profit with it!

October 2011:
Happy halloween, guys! 42 was kind enough as to release Halloween a week before it was actually on. However, on the day he decided to release SIX after over 14 months!

November 2011:
A glorious time for traders everywhere as 42 re-released a whole bunch of limited powers into the stores. For Thanksgiving Day, Feast and Thanksgiving powers were out, and then the following day it was Black Friday, where ALL the limited powers were out all at once! Users were spoilt for choice! Sadly, it was not as much of a success as you may have thought it was...

We also saw the debut for xat's 4th official epic power known as GOLD. This power currently costs 50,000 xats and was supposed to become unlimited eventually. During this present day, it has not been unlimited...

December 2011:
Ho ho ho! At the end of the month, 42 released Newyear to celebrate 2012 coming on its way with a whole load of events!
(What many of us were not aware of however, was that it was going to turn LIMITED)

January 2012:
Drama had occured, as xat had a Chat glitch! Users were able to buy ANY chat they wanted which wasn't an official xat chat! It was mostly the popular Club Penguin chats that were affected! However, a few hours later, the problem was sorted.

February 2012:
Carnival was a power that had released and was supposed to be unlimited. Sadly though, a few days later 42 wanted to be sneaky and made it limited. This bought the users buying like crazy, however the demand soon dropped the next day and so did the power...

Also, HEART and VALENTINE powers returned to the stores to celebrate this year's Valentine's Day! Aww...

March 2012:
As St. Patrick's day was at this time of month and year, 42 released some more IRISH powers into the stores.       

There was also a login glitch where you would lose all your xats / days and powers. Eventually this glitch got sorted.

April 2012:
Happy Easter, everyone! Easter was re-released.

May 2012:
Xat released ID auctions where you would be able to bid on restricted and unrestricted 7 and 8 digit ID's. This caused the value to be dropped heavily.

At the end of the month, 42 created another Auction, but this time for Powers. KBEE was the first power to be put up into the newly made Auction, with loads of profit as a result. 

Also, 500 Clears were put up for Auction.

June 2012:
For the whole weekend, 42 re-released all sorts of limited powers into the Power Auction, even the small powers.

July 2012:
As it was the London 2012 games this month, 42 released the OLYMPIC power. That had some demand as users were eager to celebrate the games!

August 2012:
The latest craze was here, as 42 released DOODLERACE and MATCHRACE, games where ALL users were able to play the game without requiring the power. It was a success!

So,  there you have it! Those are the key points I picked out for each month!

However, that is MY opinion. What were your best bits for each month? Are you excited for this year's Anniversary? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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