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EXCLUSIVE: 'Funny Pictures' Page coming SOON!

Hey guys!

I've been thinking that to give users like YOU entertainment when experiencing this blog, I will take screenshots of funny things that happen on xat and post them on the blog!

Also, if I manage to spot something that hardly happens, I will take a screenshot. Here I saw the chat reset on Riffy888 and it was getting dramatic. Look below for the image:

There were 2 tabs, but nobody was actually there. This could be a glitch that someone has figured out!

Anyway, what's the point in this? I want you to give me ideas on what kinds of xat images I should take and publish. It could be almost ANYTHING .

Just leave a comment below the post with your idea. You don't have to include your xat name or anything, but if it's a really good idea I may publish it on the blog and you could win up to 100 xats just for that! Really easy and nothing to lose, huh?!

So what are you waiting for? GET TO WORK!

~ Aisha
Blog Owner   

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