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Official ALIENS Power Release Guide! (ALL The Gossip, News, and More!)

Hey guys!

It's finally happened, the release of the ALIENS power, and it happened late at midnight this morning!

500 released costing 200 xats each. LIMITED power!
Just like many users had predicted following our other post! 

And just like the OLYMPIC power, we have our very own ...

Note: Please be aware that this guide is manually updated by me or other members of the blog. This means that it will only be changed when one of us are on. We try our best in sparing our time to help you, so please be patient.

If we've missed any form of information, it would be nice for you to leave a comment below this post letting us know!

  • Keep refreshing the Blog to keep in date with the latest. There will be a time that it was updated!
  • Check out the most important points, which will be covered in a different colour other than Black.
  • Leave a comment below the post asking any questions and we will update it on the tracker, or you can comment.


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