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x500 MATCHRACE Powers in Stores NOW! (Final Updates)

Hey guys!

At **5.25pm GMT** 42 was finished with the testing and decided to release MATCHRACE into the stores!

x500 released costing 400 xats

They have been released as test powers, and therefore it is currently LIMITED as well as being a group power , but don't worry as it will soon become 'UNLIMITED'.

On trading terms, however, hardly anyone is buying the power at the moment, while many users are attempting to sell for 700 - 1000 xats thinking a 'sucker' is out there. (no offence)

What do you think of the power? Read our previous post for FULL DETAILS as well as the chat to join the fun!

Make sure you leave me your thoughts through the comments below!  

Note: We have discovered that BURNINGHEART is actually Power 193. We also presume that it has STOPPED releasing, making there less than 4,000 in total!

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