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UPDATE: Almost 2 hours until release... KPIG Arrives at Store!

Hey guys!

As you are all now aware, 42 has announced the release time of KPIG through banner everywhere on xat.com.

Because of this, we all should have enough xats as it will be a LIMITED power and will likely be released in one set.

At **5.15pm GMT** I went to check the Power store to see if they had updated anything, and they had!

Note: Remember, it gives you x11 KPIG kaoani smileys. To check them out, read our previous post about the power!

Update: x1000 released costing 250 xats each. The price on Trade afterwards was 300 - 370 xats. (8pm GMT)

What do you think? Have you been put off by the power? If not, how many are you planning to buy? I'm dying to know, so leave a comment below and tell me!

Note: Also, have you checked out something? We've got a paralympic theme getting started for now! Woo! Are you excited for that? Let me know, because I am!


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