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LONDON 2012: Official OLYMPIC Power Release GUIDE! (Constant Updates, News, Gossip, and MORE!)

Hey guys!
At **5.10pm GMT** xat released some extra OLYMPIC powers in order to keep up the celebration of London 2012 on the virtual site!

500 released starting at a minimum cost of 100 xats each
There will be another set of x500 OLYMPIC powers to be released into the Power Auction so there will be a total of x6000 OLYMPIC that have been released on the site!

Note: Guess what?! That's right! If you looked at the @twitter post again then you will see that more smileys have been added onto the power! Sadly, there are only 3 extra ones. The added ones are (obasketball) (ofencing) (ohockey) . A picture will be added soon ...

Yes, sadly they are using the Auction again... but I can't argue with them since they used the old system before, and that gave us quite a profit! Besides, I also can't understand why they want to release more OLYMPIC powers... they're getting loss of demand now!

Note: That's right! The #01 'tracker' is back, and it's going to give you the best coverage on the OLYMPIC power, so keep checking it out for the best possible outcome!

Things you should consider...
  • This tracker is manually updated by me or other members of the blog. This means that it is not automatic, and we may miss some form of information. If possible, it would be good if you could tell us what we've missed and help other xat users needing support!
  • This is not a proper tracker, just a minute by minute updated guide telling you the latest prices on Trade and in the Power Auction
  • For full information on the power and its smileys, then please check our previous post on July 2012 before the first ever release

1st set 
5.28pm The price on Trade was around 290 - 320 xats after it had became out of stores completely. Many users are surprised they released more, few very annoyed. I guess it's to give more users one last ever chance to buy before having to buy it elsewhere!

5.29pm I'm sure all the users will be attempting to sell now, but little do they know that the Auction could sell for much more than its value!

Also, xat haven't updated it on their powers page that it's in Auction... perhaps because it's only going to last 4 hours?! 

5.30pm I'm sorry for forgetting to mention that the Auction is 2 hours long which means the first set will be finished at **7pm GMT** and then it will be LIMITED.

5.37pm If you wish to be tempted to buy the power, I will show you the old and new smileys for the power in order. Following are shown:
(olympic) (bronzem) (goldm) (oboxing) (ocycling) (odiving) (ogymnastics) (ohurdles) (orowing) (orunning) (oswimming) (otennis) (otorch) (ovolleyball) (silverm) (oarchery) (obasketball) (ofencing) (ohockey)  

7.01pm AUCTION FINISHED! The final price was 270 xats which was similar to what it was on Trade. Here you can see below...

Hope you managed to get yourself one! See you soon!

2nd set  
x673 released 

The price on Trade now is around 230 - 250 xats 

If you have any questions or comments, then please feel free to leave a comment below this post and I will reply to every comment as soon as I can, as I am very busy nowadays.  

So, did you find this guide helpful? Did you manage to buy yourself one? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Hey Aishasites!

    Thanks so much for the info! You see, I really
    wanted to buy the olympic power, but i thought it was too much... so thank you alot!


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