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EXCLUSIVE: KPIG Power Release Guide!

Hey everybody,

As we were well aware of last night, 42 released KPIG (Power 195) into the stores.

I figured that I don't really need to do this guide because there is a banner giving the countdown for every release.

If you haven't yet spotted the banner, then I will show you below:

Note: For every set, x1000 releases costing 250 xats

Please be aware that this power is a LIMITED one.

Why don't you use this free banner and post it your chat or any xat blog, and let all the other users know! It's FREE and you WON'T be charged for copyright for using this banner! So go ahead!

Also, to tell your friends on xat that you were lucky to see 1 kpig power remaining, we're giving you permission to let ANYONE use this banner! 

To get the link for this picture, Click here

So, have you gotten yourself a KPIG power yet? Be aware that it's not doing so well on Trade now, although it took half an hour for it to sell!

Let me know by leaving a comment below!



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