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EXCLUSIVE: 'Avoid Penguin Scammers' GUIDE Released!

Hey guys!

Today, I made a new page on how to avoid scammers when trading your rare penguins...

Whether it is on manage or just trading passwords, it is very easy to get scammed. As Club Penguin is a seperate website to xat, xat are not able to do anything about scammers and if you get scammed, nothing can be done.

As so many users do scam, which is a huge shame, and Club Penguin is such a popular site, I have decided to release this new page. 

How to spot it? Look for the following banner the same as shown below!


Looks nice, eh? 

What do you think of this idea? Will it help you and other users? Make sure you check it out, and leave a comment and let me know!

Note: I will not include the member hacking technique to getting penguins on your manage account!

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