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NEW Matchrace Banner

Hey guys!

Yes, sadly I was pretty busy, so I have quite alot of catching up to do! Let's start with the MATCHRACE power!

Do you remember when the Doodlerace power it was so popular that 42 wanted to advertise it's success with a banner? Well, the same thing applies with Matchrace!

This banner appears on almost ANY page from the official xat website!

What do you think of this banner? I think it looks so awesome that I may end up putting it on the blog in the upcoming days! Leave a comment and let me know what YOU think!

Update: Matchrace comes with a pawn for a limited time only. It looks like this!


Note: It's confirmed that there are a total of x2500 Matchrace powers in TOTAL. No more have been released since our last post as the demand was so low and there's no point in it returning.

However, we are confident that it will be UNLIMITED soon.

IMPORTANT: Burningheart Power: BURNINGHEART is now LIMITED as it has not been released in the stores for the last few days now! There should be less than 4000 in total.

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