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EXCLUSIVE: 'BHEART (BurningHeart)' CONFIRMED as Power 191!

Hey guys!

We're the first official blog to inform you that POWER 191 will be called BURNINGHEART or also known as BHeart for short.

Below are the smileys in different kinds of sizes:

We had managed to spot this power at around **9.45am GMT** and it was a Thursday morning. It's most likely only Cupim and 42 have this power (Carbon said they had it since last friday) and I've only just managed to catch Cupim


As you can see, it appears as 'Burningheart' on the powers page, and it looks similar to the HEARTFX power back in February, if you remember correctly!

Now, let's begin what we've uncovered!

I saw Cupim on xat_test early this morning, which was pretty lucky as nobody else had the power. His ID is below!


Although the smiley was confirmed and you can see it in the powers page, when Cupim tried to post the smiley in the main chat, only the code showed.

However, it DID show for him, so perhaps it is our first Glitch


We will now get to the pawns. At the moment, I only saw Cupim and 42 have one pawn, which is the flame. We don't have the code as it is currently not available! Want to see the code? Check below for the images!

We learned that Cupim , who usually designs the smileys for the powers did NOT design it for Burningheart. Why is this, I wonder...?

xat_test had set the new power on the chat Scroller. Now all the other users will later know! Sweet, huh?!

Don't worry guys, we're almost there! 42 came online at **10.05am GMT** as he was also trying to test the power. He too, like Cupim, has the power and the same pawn (check above to see)

42 was also testing this smiley, the same one as the pawn:

And finally, last but not least, Danny wanted the new power, and 42 had told him how he could've got it... for FREE! I guess all you users who also want it for free could learn from this exclusive image too! 

Note: For those who didn't know or still don't know, unreleased powers vary from 2000 - 4000 xats , and then drop to 1000 - 1500 xats on the day they are getting released.

So, that's everything we managed to uncover! Quite alot of info to take it, I assume? Well, the only thing we're missing are the smileys and whether or not it will be LIMITED or UNLIMITED ... Which do you think?

What are your thoughts on BurningHeart? I think it's awesome, but it looks too much like the HEARTFX power which is a shame...

Make sure you leave a comment below, and keep checking the blog for Further EXCLUSIVE Updates!


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