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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Xat Power 314, 'REVEAL!' (and 10 GOLD Released)

Hey xat fans!

This week it seems that the new power is called 'Reveal' , power ID 314 and seems to be another christmas themed power.

This power is limited, and comes with 11 Christmas smileys! I'll post the smileys later on in the weekend when it becomes sold out.

Meanwhile, at **9.30am GMT** (around an hour ago), Tom2 was kind enough to release some GOLD powers, as the price is so expensive! However, it was in the POWER AUCTION instead of the stores.

20 released costing 50,000 xats .

This Auction will be over 10 hours long, so who knows what price the power will end up being at the end of the Auction!

The price didn't seem to change much, with it still being 55,000 - 55,500 xats on Trade. Wow guys :o


Power Price INFLATION On Trade!

Hey guys, Orgal here!

Now as you guys will know, a few weeks ago xat held their yearly Black Friday. Well, just like last year the prices of the powers seemed to raise unusually. However, this year, the inflation is bigger than ever! :o

As so many powers have increased in price, many users would probably be able to earn so much profit that they could buy themselves or a friend a Namecolor?

At the moment I am unable to provide you with screenshots, however here are the list of powers and the current prices...

LIST N.B. The comparison is from 1 day before Black Friday compared to this week.
Was: 51,000 - 52,000 xats
Now: 55,000 - 56,000 xats

Was: 22900 - 23200 xats
Now: 24400 - 24650 xats 

Was: 13500 - 14000 xats
Now: 16000 - 16500 xats

Was: 10000 - 10500 xats
Now: 13500 - 14500 xats

Was: 4900 - 5100 xats
Now: 5800 - 6000 xats

Was: 2000 - 2200 xats
Now: 2600 - 2900 xats

Was: 800 - 900 xats
Now: 1000 - 1200 xats

Was: 1600 - 1900 xats
Now: 3000 - 4500 xats

Was: 350 - 450 xats
Now: 600 - 800 xats

Was: 500 - 600 xats
Now: 700 - 800 xats

Was: 3400 - 3600 xats
Now: 3800 - 4100 xats

Was: 4600 - 4800 xats
Now: 5400 - 5700 xats

So yeah, as you can see many powers have increased in price for some reason, many being very expensive!

Well, which power would you buy from here to try and profit? I'll try and update on prices when  I can!

Orgal, over and out! :D

New Power, 'HOLIDAYS' Release!

Hello guys!

As Aisha has and is currently going to be busy over the next few weeks, he has asked me personally as the next in line to take care of the posts and the site itself, so here I am! :D

So, last weekend the new power was released. This seems to be a holiday/christmas themed power called Holidays packed with a variety of Christmas smilies :o

This power was 275 xats in the store.

The price on Trade was alright being around 300 - 350 xats, but it seems that not many users want this power as the price has dropped to around 260 - 280 xats.

Meanwhile, it seems that xat has re-released many christmas pawns from different powers for December, getting us into the holiday spirit! Good on you, xat

I hope you look forward to my future posts within the next couple of weeks

Orgal, over and out


BLACK FRIDAY 2014: 1 Day Later!


Well, that was it. With another Black Friday gone, many users complained as xat also promoted Gambling, and to top it all off, most the power prices have reverted back to normal, showing nothing really happened!

I have tried my best to grab screenshots of the powers that have changed in price:


BLACK FRIDAY 2014: 'As It Happened...!"


The moment all xat users is finally here, the 5th Black Friday. Unlike the last years, there were many new xat users for 2014, so it was a whole new experience.

Recapping from our previous posts, there was an ID Auction that was lasting 24 hours, (still going on at the moment), but even more events occurred during the day!

Follow our daily Guide to show you what's happening during the day ...

**9.00am GMT** - 50% PROMOTION SALE!
For 2 days, xat have allowed you to pay 100 xats per hour for promotion instead of the usual 200 xats! This is good news if you are trying to make your chat popular!


**1.30pm GMT** - xat decided to release x10 GOLD powers into the stores costing 50,000 xats each.

The price is now currently 52,000 - 53,000 xats.

xat have posted on their @twitter that users are able to get 75% off any power, including the big guns, Namecolor Purple Gold Angel and Clear!

Here is an image of a friend of mine (Carbon) winning NAMECOLOR and ANGEL!:
Credits to him for the screenshots.


Note: This only lasted for 1 hour and has now finished! (4.30pm GMT)

**5.00pm GMT** - TRADE like every other year gains many users over the weekend, and this year is no different! With over 10 different tabs / pools / rooms it sure seems to still hit xat.com!


**6.00pm GMT** -  With users beginning to think that this is all that xat are doing for Black Friday this year, powers are beginning to climb back up in price, especially the epics.

Yesterday: 9400 - 9600 xats
Today: 9650 - 9750 xats

Yesterday: 12500 - 13000 xats
Today: 13000 - 13600 xats
Yesterday: 22900 - 23200 xats
Today: 23400 - 23700 xats

Yesterday: 51000 - 51500 xats
Today: 52500 - 53000 xats

Just like last year, many users are giving negative feedback over this years Black Friday, although xat specifically said it would be different:

Xat_test have also been advertising the event, with the chat gaining 2 tabs despite an admin not being present:

**8.30pm GMT** - CONTESTS.
xat.com/Game are doing a giveaway / contests to celebrate this years event! LIVE NOW:

**9.30pm GMT** - ANOTHER CHANCE!
There is another chance for users to try and win a power at random by buying a (BLACKFRIDAY) in the powers store!

This time the event is 2 hours long. There is no price changes on xat.com/Trade like last time, however.

**11.00pm GMT** - Auction FINISHED!
After a period of more than 24 hours, the xat ID Auction has finally come to a close. Here are the results:

Wow, looks like some of those IDs were sold pretty cheap, right?!



So, that is it I'm afraid. I do apologise that unlike the other years, I was unable to provide key screenshots of users buying / selling powers as I have been busy for the last 2 days. However, I will try to gain as much coverage as I can over the next 2-3 days!

NOTE: This post may miss key points, and will need your screenshots to make this beneficial for hundreds of xat users. If you by any chance have any screenshot of winning a power, (can even be noaudies) it would be very much appreicated if you could leave a comment with the URL link. I will reply back to your comment once I have published it onto the blog.

On another note, please do not ask questions which are not posted on this Blog already. The big question I am talking about is: "Will there be any more power releases?". The answer is
I do not know. 
Traditionally the event is a period of around 2-3 days, so please do not expect the fullest potential out of xat, as this is an event where service users profit more than the Admins, depending on the occassion.

And finally, thank you readers for making this Blog continue to be the #01 site for Black Friday on xat, attracting over 300 viewers throughout the day! 

BLACK FRIDAY 2014: 'Special ID Auction!'


To officially begin Black Friday 2014 , xat decided to release a special ID Auction, with alot of tasty IDs for you to bid on!

Here are the list of IDs!

The Auction lasts for longer than 24 hours, so there's plenty of time to try and place a bid!

Good luck!
- Aisha

HAPPY THANKSGIVING: x200 'Thanksgiving' Powers in Store!


At around **9.20pm GMT** xat decided to re-release the 'THANKSGIVING' power into the stores, to get ready for Black Friday!

100 released costing 200 xats each.

The price on TRADE is currently 300 - 400 xats.

ALSO, the epic power 'Statuscolor' has been made available to the public, costing 5,000 xats!

The price of this power is now currently 4,700 - 4,850 xats , with no demand!


From all of us from the AishaSites Blog, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! :)
- Aisha  

1 Day to go ... Power Price Changes!

NEW Power, 'GAMEFX2' Release!


We've already had the GAMEFX power, but this weekend xat had decided to release the new power, 'GAMEFX2'.

This is basically very similar to the original, but with different 'effect' smilies. There are 11 in total, and it is LIMITED.

This power costs 300 xats

At the moment there is currently a Banner, however there is not a countdown, so users do not know when the power will release.

The price after the first release was 450 - 550 xats. The next release occurred at **3.30pm BST**, with the price dropping slightly to become 400 - 450 xats.

6pm - Another release.
Some more GAMEFX2 powers were released into the stores after the price had climbed to 600 - 700 xats.

The price has now dropped down to around 400 - 500 xats.

6.25pm - Troll?
There is now an official Banner counting down the releases of the new power, and was meant to release now, however many users were not able to see it. 

It was 50 MAX, however because nobody was able to see it, there was drama on xat_test for around 30 minutes.

What brought even more controversy was that the Banner was counting down another 3 hours for the next release, (9.30pm BST). 


The smilies will be posted in a few days time, although you can see them on the Banners spread around xat. Remember to keep checking our Blog for the best updates!
- Aisha



When I say this is important, it's not that important, unless you're a regular reader for this blog, which I do hope you guys are :-)
So anyway, starting Thursday 30th October 2014 I will not be active on this Blog as I am currently really busy with real life things.
In conclusion, THIS BLOG WILL NOT BE UPDATED FOR 3 WEEKS. Here are the key things that this Blog will miss ...

- Xat Halloween 2014, (most likely the release of the HALLOWEEN power and possibly a Halloween themed special ID Auction.

- Further updates on power prices for Black Friday 2014, which takes place November 28th 2014.
Do not worry I should be active on the official day to update the Blog.

- 2 new powers being released to xat. (not including MANAGE, this weeks power)
The dates I will be not active on the Blog is from 30th October - 17th November, where I will try and update the blog regularly from then.
I have other authors assigned to this role, however they are busy as well so there are no garauntees that this blog will be updated in time. I apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused.
- Aisha

Monday 17th November 2014.
Hello guys, I once again apologise for the inconveniences that I've caused on the Blog lately, I am back but I cannot rule out this happening again over the next couple of months.

I can confirm to you that I will be blogging for Black Friday 2014, however after that I can not tell what is going to happen.

Here are the things which I've missed, this is a summary...

  • The new power, 'MANAGE'. This is an unlimited power which allows you to manage user ranks on your chat before / after reset.

NEW Power 310, 'MANAGE'.


Today, the new test power 310 was released to certain users, and it was confirmed to be called 'MANAGE'.

Here was Maverick with the new power:


Most likely the power not limited, it allows you to manage users on your chat. It is also a group power. When you assign it onto your chat, you will be able to save and restore the rank positions of all the users in your chat.

When the chat gets reset, you will receive an e-mail showing which users had which respective rank. (Source: xatalert.com)

What do you think of this new power? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 
- Aisha

NEW Power: 'CREEPY' (ID 309)


On Thursday Volunteers and other xat users received the new test power, known as '309'. Today it was confirmed to be another Halloween themed power: Creepy.

There is a Banner going around xat advertising the new power, check it out!


And that's right, just as the banner suggests, this power will be LIMITED, so hopefully you guys can make some profit!

30x30 Smileys of this power, as well as the release and further updates will be posted here throughout the weekend, so remember to keep checking our Blog!
- Aisha

Xat TRICKORTREAT Power Release!


Over the weekend, xat releases its newest power into the market, 'TRICKORTREAT' to celebrate this years Halloween.

This is a smiley power, and it is a LIMITED power.

250 released every hour costing 230 xats each.

It seemed to be releasing for around 24 hours, meaning around 6000 were released in total.

The price is now currently 200 - 250 xats on TRADE.

So, what do you think of this new power? Will you be buying it? Leave a comment to let me know!
- Aisha  

New Power 308, 'TRICKORTREAT'

Hey Hey Hey people! Been awhile since I posted, right? Well anyways, we gave just been notified that the power 308 will be TRICKORTREAT and will be released during the weekend, which is now. More information will be brought to you as we get it.

Stats: Power 308. LIMITED.

This is how Power 308 will look on when you click your Powers:

UPDATE 1: If you were trying to buy Trickortreat, there ahd to be some sort of a glitch happening in the process. Almost everyone had different times, and when the time was up and it said ''IN STORES NOW!'' you could not buy it. Also, the max is 4.

New Power 307, 'JUMP'


On Thursday Volunteers and other xat users were given the new power, which is currently known as ID 307.


There is currently no more new information about this power, but keep checking for more updates!

2.30pm BST - The new power is 'JUMP'. It is most likely a smiley power.

3.20pm BST - The main smiley for the new power has been confirmed and released. There is also a Banner showing the full list of smileys. The power is most likely NOT LIMITED.

This power is now officially NOT LIMITED costing 220 xats in the xat powers store. The price on TRADE is between 200 - 215 xats.

- Aisha

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