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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

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When I say this is important, it's not that important, unless you're a regular reader for this blog, which I do hope you guys are :-)
So anyway, starting Thursday 30th October 2014 I will not be active on this Blog as I am currently really busy with real life things.
In conclusion, THIS BLOG WILL NOT BE UPDATED FOR 3 WEEKS. Here are the key things that this Blog will miss ...

- Xat Halloween 2014, (most likely the release of the HALLOWEEN power and possibly a Halloween themed special ID Auction.

- Further updates on power prices for Black Friday 2014, which takes place November 28th 2014.
Do not worry I should be active on the official day to update the Blog.

- 2 new powers being released to xat. (not including MANAGE, this weeks power)
The dates I will be not active on the Blog is from 30th October - 17th November, where I will try and update the blog regularly from then.
I have other authors assigned to this role, however they are busy as well so there are no garauntees that this blog will be updated in time. I apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused.
- Aisha

Monday 17th November 2014.
Hello guys, I once again apologise for the inconveniences that I've caused on the Blog lately, I am back but I cannot rule out this happening again over the next couple of months.

I can confirm to you that I will be blogging for Black Friday 2014, however after that I can not tell what is going to happen.

Here are the things which I've missed, this is a summary...

  • The new power, 'MANAGE'. This is an unlimited power which allows you to manage user ranks on your chat before / after reset.

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