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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

TOPSPIN Power Released!

I checked the xat powers page at 6.15pm GMT Time and I had seen that xat released power #168 also known as Topspin...!

Xat haven't updated or announced the release on their Twitter yet...! Could the release have possibly be early?

This power has been released as unlimited, and it costs at the price of 250 xats in stores. 

The function for this power is to add a spin to top and backgrounds of smilies.

For example, you could do the following: (d#angel#spin) but remember, you must have the power in order to use it!   **NOTE** Picture will come soon!

Update 1: I have managed to get a picture on what the power does! It moves very fast and I do not have GIF at the moment, so I got you part of it!

Basically the wings fly around in a 360 degrees circle. (full turn) It is similar to the (spin) power that got released last year!
What do you think of this power? Leave a comment and let me know...!

Power 168 Is TOPSPIN!

Hey guys!

I was on xat today, and I saw someone testing the new power called TOPSPIN!

This is power ID #168. We are not sure on what this power does or if it's going to be limited or not!

If you have any ideas, please leave a comment and let me know!


Half an hour later, Carnival is now LIMITED!

Hope you managed to get yours before it went out!

It is currently at the price of 250 - 270 xats on Trade. Get yours now! Unavailable, try trading!

CARNIVAL Powers Going OUT Of Stores!


When xat usually don't announce whether a power will become limited or not, they have the rights to trick you into bringing it out from the stores...! Just like Heartfx, Carnival was never announced how it will be released...

At 4pm GMT Time I was on and I had seen there being 325 remaining of Carnival powers. It was going to become LIMITED!

Alot of people had around 20+ of the power, so it's most likely not going to go up in price very much...

Hurry and get yours now before it goes out of stock!

CARNIVAL Power Released!

At around 11pm GMT Time, xat had managed to release power 167 known as Carnival!

It was released as an unlimited power costing 250 xats, however xat have not announced this on their twitter page... Take a look!

This is the same as Heartfx. Don't think that it will suddenly turn limited now, because it's unlikely going to happen now.

Carnival comes with 16 Carnival themed smilies! They are the following in order from left to right...
(carnival) (carniphant) (cjester) (cmask) (flowersquirt) (headdress) (kreu) (shakeit) (wannasamba) (yeayea) (cjester2) (cbird) (cangel) (anonmask) (beads) (brazilboom)

The power also comes with 2 pawns for a limited time only! They are the following...

Remember, you must have both, Carnival and Hat in order to use these cool hats!

What do you think of Carnival? Did you buy one? Leave a comment and give me your thoughts! 


Hey guys!

I was on Help today, when I saw someone with the new upcoming power called Carnival!

This is apparently confirmed as Power 167!

I then asked Brian if he could show me the smilies to the new power, and he was kind enough to do so... (credit to Brian)

Here is what Carnival will maybe be when it is released later today...

Status: LIMITED!
Release Date: Friday 17th February 2012
Store Price: 250 - 300 xats
Quantity: 7,000  
Description: This power gives you circus / carnival themed smilies! 

What do you think of this power? Are you going to save up your xats to buy one for yourself?! Leave a comment and let me know! 


Hey guys!

I hope you had a great Valentine's day this year, in real, and on xat. 42 wanted us to celebrate by releasing Heart, Valentine, and Gold yesterday. Now they are all gone!

Heart was sold out at 1016 xats. It was released at 2pm GMT Time, and stopped dropping at 6.20. 2,000 were released, starting at 2000 xats each. It had sold out at 8.05pm GMT Time.

The current price of Heart at the moment is between 1020 - 1050 xats.

Valentine was sold out at 1270 xats! It was going fast when it was around 1311 xats, but when there were 42 remaining the price had dropped to 1270! Unlucky, eh? 1,000 were released, starting at 2500 xats each. It had sold out at 7.15pm GMT Time.

The current price of Valentine at the moment is between 1550 - 1650 xats!

BOTH of these powers were dropping by 41 xats every 10 minutes

Gold was sold out 15 minutes after the release, and it was released at 2.45pm GMT Time. The power sold out pretty fast still, but had become 49500 - 50000 xats shortly on Trade! 30 were released, still costing 50,000 xats each.

So, did you manage to get one of these powers, or are you just going to wait until the price drops on Trade?! It's happened with the other rares that released recently! Leave a comment and let me know if you have any ideas!   

New Valentine Kiss!

I know I was a few days late, but what the heck, you can use this anytime!

Xat have added a new, yes new kiss for this year's Valentine's Day! Check it out!

Looks cool, doesn't it?! What are your views on this new kiss? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Charlie Has An Awesome ID!

Today I saw Charlie with a FANTASTIC ID!

The rarest ID I saw somebody have that was not a xat staff was Sane (6494). That ID was worth 300,000 xats at the time. ($2200) Charlie is not a xat staff, and has had 1M recently. He is also a xat volunteer / tester and has a range of 2 million xats.

What do you think of this ID? I think it looks awesome!! It would cost a fortune though, I'm sure I could never afford it! I'm not sure where and who he bought it from, but it's best mind my own buisness, eh?

What are your opinions on his ID? Have you seen it before? Leave me a comment and let me know!

GOLD Power Is In Stores NOW!

I guess the love from xat just wants to keep on coming to us, doesn't it?! At 2.45pm GBT Time xat released some more Golds into the store!

30 Golds were released once again costing 50,000 xats each. The price was originally 51000 - 52000 xats on Trade because of the 100 that had released 1-2 weeks ago!

Despite the current position that Gold is now in, dropping from 61000 - 62000 xats, people are still buying the power, and is still at a popular reach. 

NOTE: Make sure you check below for the latest updates on the Gold release, or you're such as heck' gonna miss out!

Update 1: There are now currently 9 remaining! (2.54pm) 

Update 2: Now there are 5 Golds remaining and everybody is saying that the power is now 'failing' just like it did months ago! (2.56pm)

Update 3: 3 remaining! (2.57pm)

FINAL UPDATE: Gold powers are now ALL sold out! It went at 2.58pm GBT Time and people are now currently selling it for around 50500 xats!
Did you manage to get yourself one from the stores, or do you prefer to just wait until Heart and Valentine are very cheap in the stores?! Leave a comment and let me know! (:

PRICE UPDATE: Gold's price is now currently 49500 - 50000 xats because of Heart and Valentine's price getting cheaper and cheaper. This was the same process as on Black Friday 2011. (3.48pm)

VALENTINE Power In Stores NOW! (Constant Updates)

Wanted a good Valentine's Day this year? Well, I hope this helps, because xat have just returned Valentine into the stores!

It came out at 2.05pm GBT Time. 1000 were released, and starts at the cost of 2,500 xats each! N.B. PRICE WILL DROP! 

Valentine was originally 2100 - 2300 xats on Trade before it came out. Last year, xat had released around 1500 costing 1100 xats each! The price then soon dropped to 950 - 1000 xats!
NOTE: Check below for the latest updates on the Valentine's Power!

Update 1: Valentine has been dropped to 2459 xats! (2.17pm) That is a reducement of 41 xats! 

Update 2: Nobody has bought the power yet and it is still at the price of 2459 xats! (2.26pm)

Update 3: Valentine has been dropped to 2418 xats! (2.30pm) That is a difference of 41 xats from the other drop price!

Update 4: Valentine is now 2377 xats! (2.39pm) There is confirmation going way that Valentine drops 41 xats every 10 minutes! Someone has also finally bought the power, so now there are currently 999 remaining!

Update 5: Valentine has been dropped to 2336 xats! (2.53pm)

Update 6:The price in the stores is now currently 2295 xats! (3.04pm) People are trying to sell the power for around 2000 - 2100 xats. 995 remaining!

Update 7: Price has now gone down to 2254 xats! (3.10pm) 993 remaining!

Update 8: Valentine has now become the price of 2213 xats in the stores! No more people have bought this power since it was last recorded. (3.18pm)

Update 9: The price is now 2172 xats! (3.28pm) People are struggling to sell  the power when they are trying to @2000 - 2050 xats. 

Update 10: Price has now finally been dropped to 2131 xats! (3.39pm) The price on Trade is still currently 2000 - 2050 xats. 991 remaining!

Update 11: PRICE DROP! The current store price is 2090 xats. (3.52pm)

Update 12: PRICE DROP! The price has now reached 2049 xats! (4.04pm) We are now going to focus on the Heart power, and only update here if there are any important updates on prices and other things going on around in trade!
Confirmation: The Valentines power drops by 41 xats every 10 minutes! There are now currently 988 remaining as of this sentence! 

Update 13: Valentine has finally gone under 2,000 xats! The price in the store is now 1967 xats! (4.22pm) and costs around 1850 - 1950 xats on Trade. 985 remaining!

Did you manage to buy yourself a Valentine power?! Maybe you can give it to your love...? Or maybe you're going to wait a couple of days until it goes very low? Leave me a comment and let me kbow if you have any ideas!



At around 2pm GBT Time, xat decided to re-release Heart into the stores to celebrate this year's Valentine's Day!

2000 were released, and cost 2,000 xats each. N.B. Price will drop!

The price on Trade was originally 1600 - 1650 xats, and people are now desperate to sell at the same price. There are rumours that it will go under 1,000 xats soon!

NOTE: Check below for latest updates on the Heart power!

Update 1: Heart has been dropped to 1959 xats! (2.15pm) That is a reducement of 41 xats!

Update 2: Heart has been dropped to 1918 xats! (2.20pm) A reducement of 41 xats!

Update 3: There are now currently 1997 Heart remaining! The price is still the same. (2.29pm)

Update 4: Heart is now currently down to 1877 xats! (2.32pm) 

Update 5: Heart is now currently 1836 xats! (2.43pm) Like Valentine, there is confirmation going on that the power drops 41 xats every 10 minutes!

Update 6: Heart has now gone down to 1795 xats! (2.51pm) 

Update 7: Heart has been dropped to 1754 xats! (3.02pm) There are currently 1996 remaining!

Update 8: Heart is now at the price of 1713 xats! (3.15pm) People are now trying to sell the power between 1500 - 1550 xats, because of how rapidly it is dropping in store. 1993 remaining!

Update 9: The price is now gone down to 1672 xats! (3.22pm) It has now also been confirmed that Heart goes down 41 xats every 10 minutes! The price in store is almost as much as it was on Trade beforehand, and it has only been 90 minutes!

Update 10: Heart dropped to 1631 xats! (3.31pm) 

Update 11: The price has now dropped more to the price of 1590 xats! (3.42pm) It has dropped 410 xats in the time of 100 minutes!

Update 12: Heart is now 1549 xats. (3.55pm) Purple has also dropped in price and is now currently between 20400 - 20600 xats, while Diamond has gone down to 950 - 1000 xats.

Update 13: The price of Heart has now gone down to 1508 xats! (4.00pm) Now this is the stage where the power goes really down! Meanwhile, Heartfx is at the price of 170 - 185 xats, and will probably drop more as the powers go cheaper!

Update 14: Heart has become the price of 1467 xats! (4.09pm) We are almost at the price it was sold at last year. Meanwhile, more powers are slightly going down cheaper due to the releases we have experienced this afternoon. 

Update 15: Price has now gone down to 1426 xats. (4.19pm) The price on Trade is now currently 1350 - 1400 xats, and there are currently 1984 remaining! We have also seen that Heart seems to go down more in price before Valentine seems to!

Update 16: Heart has now become 1385 xats. (4.30pm) I doubt it can become cheaper than it was at 750 xats in 2010, but can it be under 1k?! There was someone selling for 1350 xats.

Update 17: The current price is now 1344 xats! (4.40pm) Everyone is making fun by trying to buy the power for 1,000 xats, but nobody is selling. *obviously*.

Update 18: It has now gone down to 1303 xats! (4.51pm) I see Vale, an Owner on Trade, selling the power for 1250 xats! It's sure getting on peoples nerves now!

Update 19: Very cheap now! The price has been dropped to 1262 xats! (5pm) I can't imagine Heart going up anytime soon after it's gone, do you?!

Update 20: Price is now 1221 xats! (5.12pm)

Update 21: Down to 1180 xats. (5.21pm)

Update 22: Now It's 1139 xats. (5.32pm)

Update 23: Heart is now 1098 xats! (5.41pm) There are 1961 remaining! People are now buying for 950 - 1050 xats and have been for some time.

Update 24: 1057 xats. (5.52pm)

Update 25: Reduced to 1016 xats. (6.02pm)  

Update 26: Heart doesn't seem to be dropping anymore. It's been at 1016 xats for a few minutes overdue now... (6.12pm)


Did you manage to buy yourself a Heart power?! Last time it was this cheap in stores was February 2010, where it was 750 xats! OR do you prefer Heartfx? Post a comment if you have any opinions, it'd be cool to know what you think!

OPINION: Heart will end up being like Gag in a week and be at the price of 900 - 1,000 xats. This is because it was 1600 - 1650 before it came out, and 2000 released. It's sure to fail soon.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! xx   

Heart power History

Heart was the first limited power to be ever released on xat. It was a Valentine's themed power, and it originally was at a very cheap price of 25 xats. It was out February 2009!

The power had become 1300 - 1350 xats on November 2009. It was pretty rare, and was special too! Eventually though, that time had to come...

In February 2010, because it was Valentine's Day, xat released only 500 Hearts costing a cheap 750 xats each! After the release, the price only dropped a little, and became 1100 - 1150 xats.

A few months after, the power kept going up and down. It was either 1700 - 1900 xats or 2000 - 2500 xats! It has never been going up more than that, and also raises every couple of months. However, in February 2011, xat released Heart completley different...!

1500 Hearts came out costing an expensive 1440 xats each! The price was 1500 - 1600 xats beforehand, and after it became limited once again it had dropped to 1300 - 1350 xats. Now, we are at the stage of where the Heart power is out again, and is very cheap.

Do you think the power will raise again? If you have an opinion, leave a comment below, I'd be interested to hear your side of things!     

[EVENT] AishaSites Official Connect 4 Touney!

Hi guys it's Orgal here

Just to let you know I will be hosting another connect 4 tournament on our official chat! There will be an awesome secret prize for the winner...

How the tourney will work:

  • Once we have our applicants I will Random.org the contestants for the 1st round draw (this will continue throughout the rounds)
  • The tourney will be hosted and monitored by me
  • Live updates on the latest scores on the chat throughout
  • Each round consists of a best of 3 between the two contestants
  • Mods and owners will also take part including myself and Aisha
  • NO cheating
  • Normal chat rules apply
  • This tourney will also be a good way to earn member should you beat myself or Aisha.
  • We will play until we have a winner
Wanna join? Of course you do! Here is how:

Post a comment with the following information

  • Xat User Name and ID
  • The days of the week you have more chanced of coming online and entering
  • The time you can come online (don't worry I will work the time zones out)
I will then choose a date that suits most of our users.

Thank you and good luck!

Heart Smiley Lookalike!

Hey guys!

I was testing Heartfx that came out a few days ago, and I saw something that's pretty cool...!

The image above is the power called Heart. It came out in 2009, and is also expensive and limited.
At the moment, it costs 1,600 - 1,650 xats, and all it does is add a Heart shape to any smiley. Now, look at the following below:

The image above is the power called Heartfx. It's currently in the stores to celebrte this year's Valentine's Day, and it costs very cheap!
Heartfx is at the price at the moment of between 190 - 200 xats. It's so much more cheaper than Heart, and represents a better smiley. Yet, they both do the exact same things!

NOTE: The code to do the following is (eyes#heartfx) You must have the Heartfx to use it, or it will only come up with (eyes)
Compare the two powers. Which do you think is better? Have you ever noticed how new powers xat release can look like old ones?

Do you think this is cool?! I certainly do! Leave a comment and let me know!

Xat Power Store Glitch!

This afternoon, it was reported that xat have conceeded their 2nd major glitch so far in the year...!

What's the problem?
Apparently, when a xat user attempts to buy a power from the xat power store, you end up losing some of your powers! It may have also been xats, but so far everyone has only lost powers!
Xat Help have gotten around 10-20 people at the moment claiming the problem, and when I was at Jmann93sHangout at the time, 3 people were victims to the crisis. (They were trying to buy Heartfx)

The problem should be fixed soon, probably by Monday, but we'll keep you updated with all the info, so make sure that you keep on checking...!

Were you one of the victims who experienced this glitch? If so, leave a comment and I'll try to help you out the best I can!

New Spy Pawn!

Hey guys!

I've just discovered something cool, today! (a bit late too, I know)

I've seen people with a new pawn that doesn't come with HeartFX! Take a look!

You need both, the Spy and Hat power to use it. Just like Magicfx, it will be for a limited time only!

Looks cool? Let me know!

HEARTFX Has Been Released!

We're sorry for not being able to provide you with the information about it before it came out, but we will let you know about it, now!

Power 166 is the new power HeartFX and it released at 10am GBT Time!

It is an unlimited power and it costs 200 xats. It is also a Valentine's Day themed power and comes with Heart styled glowing effects to any smiley!

Remember, 'FX' stands for 'Effects'.

Also, for a limited time only the Valenine themed hats are back!

 Do you remember these?! You need to also have Hat, or you can't use these sexy pawns!

What do you think? Leave me a comment, and let me know!

Name: HeartFX

Status: unlimited
Price: 200 xats
Group? No.

KDuck Power Rumours...!

Hey guys!

Yes, KDuck is now out of stores! This was because it was apparently withdrawn.

Withdrawn - If a power is not sold out for a period amount of time, then it automatically is taken out of the stores. This can be taken as an advantage.

It was supposed to be 10,000 being sold out in total, but it ended up being between 6,500 - 7,000. That means the power was withdrawn when there were 3000 remaining! 

The final price was 204 xats, and it did not drop anymore, for around 3-4 hours. 5,000 were released starting at 500 xats each, and the day before 5,000 were out costing 300 xats each. It took 2 hours for the first release to be complete.

Because there is alot less Kduck than usual, the price has now risen to 250 - 300 xats. If this happens with future powers, xat will need to re-think their tactics.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know if you have any ideas!   

KDUCK Power In Stores NOW! (Final Release)

At 10.20am GBT Time, xat had re-released the limited power KDUCK into the stores...!

5000 were released, starting at the cost of 500 xats each. The power price will be dropping.

Yesterday, 5000 were on xat costing 300 xats each, and it took around 2 hours for it to become out of stock!

**NOTE** Read the following below to keep in touch with the power release!

Update 1: 4 people bought the KDUCK power for 500 xats.

Update 2: KDUCK HAS BEEN DROPPED TO 492 XATS! (10.28pm)
Update 3: The price for KDUCK before the second release was around between 250 - 300 xats.
Update 4: KDUCK HAS BEEN DROPPED TO 476 XATS! (10.50pm) 4990 remaining!
Update 5: KDUCK HAS BEEN DROPPED TO 300 XATS! (2.40pm)  4893 remaining!
Update 6:  KDUCK HAS BEEN DROPPED TO 292 XATS! (2.41pm) 
Update 8:  The price will not drop now. It has been stuck at 204 xats for over 20 minutes now.

Get your KDUCK power, here! http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetPowers.php

Have you managed to buy yourself a KDUCK power, yet? Leave a comment, and let me know!

KDuck Current Information...!

Quantity: 5,000
Status: currently LIMITED!
Group: No.
Price in Store: 300 xats

KDUCK Power In Stores NOW!

At around 2pm GBT Time, xat had released power 165 called KDUCK into the stores!

5000 were released costing 300 xats each, and is a LIMITED power!
5000 are out currently costing 300 xats each. Tomorrow, 5000 more KDUCK powers will be out with a PRICE DROP! This will make it be a total of 10,000 KDUCK powers on xat...!

At this time, there are now 2357 remaining! 

KDUCK comes with funky Duck themed smileys, such as the following below... (**NOTE**The following smileys will be shown in order from left to right)

**NOTE** At this time, we were only able to get (kduck2)(kduck3)(kduck4) and (kduck5). The rest will be added on shortly.

Update 1: There are now 613 remaining! (3.45pm)
Update 2: KDUCK is now all SOLD out! It is now currently limited!

Did you manage to get one for yourself, or are you going to wait until tomorrow? What do you think of the power itself? Leave me a comment, and let me know! 


Power 165 Is KDUCK!

Hey guys! 

What must the power above me be, you wonder...? It's none other than the new power, KDUCK!

This morning, I saw Brian holding and testing the new power, which has been confirmed as 'KDUCK'.

Here he is playing around with the power...!

It currently costs between 1,000 - 2,000 xats, and will release sometime today.

NOTE: This is a rumour that I (Aisha) Predict! Please be aware that it isn't necassarily true!  
Status: LIMITED!
Quantity: 7,000
Price in store:  200 xats
Group Power?: No.

What do you think of this power? It will come with funky duck themed smileys! Leave a comment and let me know what you think below!

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