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VALENTINE Power In Stores NOW! (Constant Updates)

Wanted a good Valentine's Day this year? Well, I hope this helps, because xat have just returned Valentine into the stores!

It came out at 2.05pm GBT Time. 1000 were released, and starts at the cost of 2,500 xats each! N.B. PRICE WILL DROP! 

Valentine was originally 2100 - 2300 xats on Trade before it came out. Last year, xat had released around 1500 costing 1100 xats each! The price then soon dropped to 950 - 1000 xats!
NOTE: Check below for the latest updates on the Valentine's Power!

Update 1: Valentine has been dropped to 2459 xats! (2.17pm) That is a reducement of 41 xats! 

Update 2: Nobody has bought the power yet and it is still at the price of 2459 xats! (2.26pm)

Update 3: Valentine has been dropped to 2418 xats! (2.30pm) That is a difference of 41 xats from the other drop price!

Update 4: Valentine is now 2377 xats! (2.39pm) There is confirmation going way that Valentine drops 41 xats every 10 minutes! Someone has also finally bought the power, so now there are currently 999 remaining!

Update 5: Valentine has been dropped to 2336 xats! (2.53pm)

Update 6:The price in the stores is now currently 2295 xats! (3.04pm) People are trying to sell the power for around 2000 - 2100 xats. 995 remaining!

Update 7: Price has now gone down to 2254 xats! (3.10pm) 993 remaining!

Update 8: Valentine has now become the price of 2213 xats in the stores! No more people have bought this power since it was last recorded. (3.18pm)

Update 9: The price is now 2172 xats! (3.28pm) People are struggling to sell  the power when they are trying to @2000 - 2050 xats. 

Update 10: Price has now finally been dropped to 2131 xats! (3.39pm) The price on Trade is still currently 2000 - 2050 xats. 991 remaining!

Update 11: PRICE DROP! The current store price is 2090 xats. (3.52pm)

Update 12: PRICE DROP! The price has now reached 2049 xats! (4.04pm) We are now going to focus on the Heart power, and only update here if there are any important updates on prices and other things going on around in trade!
Confirmation: The Valentines power drops by 41 xats every 10 minutes! There are now currently 988 remaining as of this sentence! 

Update 13: Valentine has finally gone under 2,000 xats! The price in the store is now 1967 xats! (4.22pm) and costs around 1850 - 1950 xats on Trade. 985 remaining!

Did you manage to buy yourself a Valentine power?! Maybe you can give it to your love...? Or maybe you're going to wait a couple of days until it goes very low? Leave me a comment and let me kbow if you have any ideas!


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