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GOLD Power Is In Stores NOW!

I guess the love from xat just wants to keep on coming to us, doesn't it?! At 2.45pm GBT Time xat released some more Golds into the store!

30 Golds were released once again costing 50,000 xats each. The price was originally 51000 - 52000 xats on Trade because of the 100 that had released 1-2 weeks ago!

Despite the current position that Gold is now in, dropping from 61000 - 62000 xats, people are still buying the power, and is still at a popular reach. 

NOTE: Make sure you check below for the latest updates on the Gold release, or you're such as heck' gonna miss out!

Update 1: There are now currently 9 remaining! (2.54pm) 

Update 2: Now there are 5 Golds remaining and everybody is saying that the power is now 'failing' just like it did months ago! (2.56pm)

Update 3: 3 remaining! (2.57pm)

FINAL UPDATE: Gold powers are now ALL sold out! It went at 2.58pm GBT Time and people are now currently selling it for around 50500 xats!
Did you manage to get yourself one from the stores, or do you prefer to just wait until Heart and Valentine are very cheap in the stores?! Leave a comment and let me know! (:

PRICE UPDATE: Gold's price is now currently 49500 - 50000 xats because of Heart and Valentine's price getting cheaper and cheaper. This was the same process as on Black Friday 2011. (3.48pm)

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