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TOPSPIN Power Released!

I checked the xat powers page at 6.15pm GMT Time and I had seen that xat released power #168 also known as Topspin...!

Xat haven't updated or announced the release on their Twitter yet...! Could the release have possibly be early?

This power has been released as unlimited, and it costs at the price of 250 xats in stores. 

The function for this power is to add a spin to top and backgrounds of smilies.

For example, you could do the following: (d#angel#spin) but remember, you must have the power in order to use it!   **NOTE** Picture will come soon!

Update 1: I have managed to get a picture on what the power does! It moves very fast and I do not have GIF at the moment, so I got you part of it!

Basically the wings fly around in a 360 degrees circle. (full turn) It is similar to the (spin) power that got released last year!
What do you think of this power? Leave a comment and let me know...!

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