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[EVENT] AishaSites Official Connect 4 Touney!

Hi guys it's Orgal here

Just to let you know I will be hosting another connect 4 tournament on our official chat! There will be an awesome secret prize for the winner...

How the tourney will work:

  • Once we have our applicants I will Random.org the contestants for the 1st round draw (this will continue throughout the rounds)
  • The tourney will be hosted and monitored by me
  • Live updates on the latest scores on the chat throughout
  • Each round consists of a best of 3 between the two contestants
  • Mods and owners will also take part including myself and Aisha
  • NO cheating
  • Normal chat rules apply
  • This tourney will also be a good way to earn member should you beat myself or Aisha.
  • We will play until we have a winner
Wanna join? Of course you do! Here is how:

Post a comment with the following information

  • Xat User Name and ID
  • The days of the week you have more chanced of coming online and entering
  • The time you can come online (don't worry I will work the time zones out)
I will then choose a date that suits most of our users.

Thank you and good luck!

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