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Heart Smiley Lookalike!

Hey guys!

I was testing Heartfx that came out a few days ago, and I saw something that's pretty cool...!

The image above is the power called Heart. It came out in 2009, and is also expensive and limited.
At the moment, it costs 1,600 - 1,650 xats, and all it does is add a Heart shape to any smiley. Now, look at the following below:

The image above is the power called Heartfx. It's currently in the stores to celebrte this year's Valentine's Day, and it costs very cheap!
Heartfx is at the price at the moment of between 190 - 200 xats. It's so much more cheaper than Heart, and represents a better smiley. Yet, they both do the exact same things!

NOTE: The code to do the following is (eyes#heartfx) You must have the Heartfx to use it, or it will only come up with (eyes)
Compare the two powers. Which do you think is better? Have you ever noticed how new powers xat release can look like old ones?

Do you think this is cool?! I certainly do! Leave a comment and let me know!

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