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Xat Trade News (Powers)


This page will tell you what powers people are buying / raising and what powers are dropping. This won't have mainly all the news that happen on the actual Trade room, mainly focusing on the powers. If you would like to know more about the Staff and the rules, go here: Xattrade

Sunday 20th November 2011 Less than one week until Black Friday!
The festive american and xat holiday is approaching, where hundreds are expecting rare powers to return and become a big success this year. (26th November 2011) after Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving prices have now been dropped to 1200 - 1400 xats, with Fairy being 2200 - 2400 xats, after being 3k for months. Diamond has almost dropped to 2000, and Fade is with it, being 2200 xats. Other prices that have dropped are Purple, which went from its lowest price ever 19500 to 21000 xats, Namecolor 9000-9200, and Gback 10500 - 11000 xats!

Flower has become 1300-1400 xats, and Angry 1400 - 1600. Sins is now 1600 - 1700, Heart 1550 - 1650, Gag 2400 - 2500, Six has risen from 3800 to 4500 - 4600, Angel has dropped to under 7000 xats, as that usually releases, Spaceban to 900 xats and other powers have dropped but not so much!

Saturday 19th November 2011 Power 152 finally announced as Mazeban!
After a week and a half of testing, xat have finally made Power 152 into Mazeban! See more info on the post at the homepage, but the price at the moment is 1000 - 2000 xats. Someone is trading Heart for it, but make sure you don't buy it yet, it's sure to release on Sunday!

Friday 30th September 2011 Away released and people buy over 100!
A few hours ago, xat released their power #144 called the Away power! This power costs 100 xats in store and is an unlimited power. Usually, the first few days after a new power comes in store, everyone wants it, because they want to try it out for themselves! The price is 90 - 100 xats! However, this is the silly thing...

It's happening with Feast and Flower, where the power became unlimited for a few days, then became limited with no given warning, but people buy alot of unlimited powers now! Space, Kpeng, Punch, and now It's happening with Away! Someone called Marius has 50+ and Gordon 100+.  

Thursday 29th September 2011 Feast becomes popular again as October approaches...
At the end of October last year, xat released what was supposed to be the 'unlimited' Feast power. It was also a group power, costing 200 in store. When it became limited, it shot straight to 400!

Someone called Cellat originally kept 590 Feast for several months. Now, he has over 620, and buys for 750 each! Before he bought, the power was only 600 - 650. Now, the power has risen to 700 - 750 xats. Could this power manage to raise some more?


The Holiday and Limited power, Independence has managed to catch the eye of certain traders. The power rose to a huge 800 xats from 400 a few months ago, but is now 450 - 500 xats! Could this power be the eye of a new rise?

Finally, the Wildwest power (which veso originally bought 350+ of), went from 450 - 500 to now 400 xats! We don't know what happened, but we can guess that veso sold. Wildwest was 400 in store, with only 6000 being sold.

Wednesday 28th September 2011 Nerd becomes a fail...
Veso, who had bought a consistency of over [1400] Nerd powers, rose from 200 - 220 xats to 300 - 320! He managed to sell over 1000, and now the price has dropped to 215 - 230! Nobody buys the power for 220 anymore, but veso has 250+ and is buying for 230 each! Could Nerd be going up again?  

Scifi and Easter have reached 1k... but for how long?
The Holiday power that didn't return Easter and the Science Fiction power Sci-fi have reached the price of 1,000 xats once again! Easter managed to reach 1000 - 1050 xats before dropping again slightly, but is still hanging in the balance at 900 - 1000 xats! Meanwhile, Sci-fi dropped to 750 - 800 xats when it reached to 1,200 xats before! Someone bought high and now it is at least 900 xats!

Veso buys all Nerd high and now has 1200+!
The price was 200 - 220 xats when he started buying. He had already had about 500 when he was buying at 230 xats each. It then rose and became popular when he had 800+. The power last night became no lower than 300, and no higher than 330 xats! The power has dropped slightly, as a few people sell for 300, so is around 270 - 300 xats! How long can Veso keep the power up?

Military power 'raising' failed once again.
The last time Military rose was when it was at 500 - 550. Nobody was buying the power, and people eventually rose it to 700 - 750 xats. 5 minutes after, (literally) the power dropped to 630 - 680 xats! It then dropped to 400 - 450 xats. Bryan, Infinity, Sean, Muffins and a few others bought Military and rose it to 600 - 650, before dropping it back to the price of 500 xats.

School power failed... 14,500 sold... when will it be up? WILL it be up?
The limited School power was released unlimited in the power store for 48 hours. In order to originally purchase a power, you must need to complete a quiz. The power was 350 - 400 when first released, and by the first hour 1,000 of the power were bought! The price was 200 - 220 until it became limited. Everyone including Aisha had bought 100+ of the power, and were desperate to sell it. First it was 210, then 200, then people sold under the price of 200! The power now stays at 165 - 180 xats. Stoneage failed too, it was at 150 - 160 xats, but eventually rose to 200... could this be the same?

School power over 300 xats, but in store?!
For the first few hours, the School power was being bought at 350 - 400 xats! Either they were lazy or they just wanted the power I don't know. (you needed to complete the quiz beforehand) But after a few hours, the power dropped to the original usual price, 200 - 220 xats! 

Hero dropped for about the... um... 10th time?!
Sean, Infinity, and a few other people who were buying Hero at 400 - 450 xats had risen it to 500 - 575 xats! People then started selling... Infinity sold 100 of his for 500 each. After 2 days, people were selling the power for 450 xats each! The power is now back at 400 - 450 xats.

Christmas has reached over 2k!
From what was at the price 1800 - 1850 xats only 2 weeks ago the latest, soon became 2000 - 2100 xats! Nobody was selling the power, until people like Anwar had sold 50 and Pipo who sold at least the same amount. The price has now dropped slightly to 1900 - 2000, but the average price is 1950 xats. In June 2010, the power was extremely popular, and jolted from 1750 to 2500 xats! It then stayed that price until it released in October for Black Friday, when it was 2000 - 2300 xats.

Code and Sebastian raise Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving was 1700 - 1800 xats after people had dropped it for the third time after being 2k+. Code then kept saying 'Thanksgiving was down' even though he had bought still. He had about 79 before the power rose to a staggering 2500 - 2700 xats, with the help of Sebastian, who bought 30 then sold for 2,500 each to Code. He now has 143 Thanksgiving. The power had dropped slightly to 2300 xats average, but he still uses R1 to his advantage, with his account being held and consisting over 1400 of the Thanksgiving power. (rose from originally what was meant to be at 850 - 900)

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