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How To Send A Xat Kiss/Gift

This page will explain to you how to send a kiss or a gift to one of your friends on xat...!

Sending Gifts

Step 1: Click the person that you would like to send  gift to.

Step 2: Click the 'GIFTS'. (Bottom right)

Step 3: Do the following things for each of the sections...

Front - When your friend receives the gift, it will have the text for them before they see what's inside.

Message - Once they have opened the gift, the 'Message' will be shown inside. This is the main details of the gift.
Password - You must type in and confirm your xat password or else it won't work. 

Step 4: Choose the gift you would like to send. The cards cost 50 xats, and the gift costs 100 xats. Both of them are exactly the same, but you would usually send a gift to someone who's closer to you.

Step 5:  Now that you've sorted out your gift/card, it will show you a small animation of you transfering it to your friend! **NOTE** This is me sending a card to my gf.

When you first receive the gift, it will be shown as a parcel. You must click it in order to activate your gift!

Well done! It seems cheap, and it's all worth it!

Have YOU ever been received a gift, or sent one? If so, which one did you get given/sent? Leave a comment and let me know, it'd be very interesting to hear!


  1. Aww, thank you for your gift Becky :$ <33
    Happy Valentine's Day! (:

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