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Become a Member of staff at Aishasites!

This article will explain to you how you can earn Member, Mod or the Owner position.

How to be an Owner

Owners are picked based on how well the Moderator has done with their current positioning. If, they have once abused the power, they will automatically never get Owner. If they are never active, they will never be Owner. The position is incredibly hard to get, however there are some conditions in earning the position...

  • You must have been on the chat every single day for at least 8 months or know Aisha incredibly well.
  • Help around the chat, and never break a rule (including getting kicked / banned)
  • You must be able to hold yourself responsible whatever the conditions, and never complain with the descisions that the Main Owners have made which are to be held suitable. 
What benefits can I get from being an Owner?
  • If you were an author on the Aishasites blog, you will be made an Admin.  
  • When being an Owner, if you ever do your job perfectly and are a complete responsible and trusted member, you will get a good chance of even becoming a Main! 
  • You will stand out even more on the chatroom, and it proves that you have deserved the position that you're on.
  • You may have the permission to sinbin any Moderator that misbehaves.
How to become a Moderator

Moderators are picked on the Members that have deserved the position. This includes posting daily on the Aishasites blog, helping around the chatroom and coming around often. There are some other conditions in becoming a Moderator however...
  • You must be an author or part of the AishaSites blog. (Including commenting on posts, etc)
  • Be active every day, and be respectful to everyone on the chat, especially the owners and main owners.
  • You must NOT break a single rule. If you have been banned at least once, you may never be granted the mod posititon.
  • You must have tempmem if you are to be considered a perm mod.
  • If you have been mod on CpBoys before and you were a good one, you will get mod on AishaSites.
  • You must be able to take screenshots, and send sufficent proof to the owners and main owners.
What benefits can I get from being a Moderator?

  • You may now Ban or Kick anyone that misbehaves.
  • Stand out from all the Members and Guests that are on the chatroom!
  • Getting granted the Moderator position gives you even more chance in becoming an Owner.

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