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Xat Error(s) List

When going on the Xat website, there may be several kinds of errors that you may come across. This is very normal and happens to all of us at least once!

Here are the official errors you may/will receive at some point. The ones in red are the most deadly/avoidable, and the green are the most common. You will also see a solution on how to fix it.

NOTE: These errors ALL come across when you are trading.

  • System problem (11): Cannot delete account due to transfer block. 

  • System problem (12): Cannot delete account due to transfer hold. 
Cause: Your account is on held. This usually happens if you are accused of doing something bad, or having too many xats/days on your account. This usually comes up as a punishment.
Solution: The only thing you can mainly do is wait until it goes off. It usually depends. Usually, It's 5 days, but sometimes it can be forever.

  • System problem (13): Login with locking/protection turned ON. 
Cause: This can usually happen when you login with it turned ON. 
Solution: Don't worry. You don't have to turn it off, but it should work if you do so. Make sure that you turn it on afterwards, because it doesn't always happen. 

  • System problem (20): You need to relogin. 
Cause: You may have logged onto your computer and onto xat without logging in to your xat account. Even if you were already logged in, this updates your computer, and it may confuse the registration system. Usually, nothing happens, except now you have to do it every time before you Trade!

  • System problem (23): Transfer did not meet minimum set by recipients mint. 

  • System problem (25): You have a transfer block. Permanently blocks incoming transfers, trades, and outgoing transfers. 
Cause: Information above.

  • System problem (26): The recipient of your transfer has a transfer block. 

  • System problem (27): You have too many days and need to trade some or use DX
Cause: Max amount of days is 9000-9999 days. (130,000 xats)
Solution: Go sell some days? 

  • System problem (28): Over 1 million xats! 
Cause: You're either one of the best profiters on xat, or you've used a whole wad of cash. Xat are not used to users like this.
Solution: You can always invest in a power? Try use some. 

    • System problem (29): Do not trade with this user! (detected tampering with trade) 
    Cause: The user is trying to cheat. This means that if you accept, you are most likely going to lose all of your powers. This has happened before, so don't try it.
    Solution: Close the Trade, ignore the user, and try complete the transaction with someone else. 

      • System problem (30): You cannot buy powers. 
      Cause: This may be that your account is held, or there is a problem with your account.
      Solution: Send a ticket @www.xat.com/Support and the Volunteers will deal with it from there. 

        • System problem (31): You cannot promote a group. 
        Cause: Your chat may have been delisted, or abused in the past, so has caused a bad reputation.

          • System problem (33): Temporary transfer hold. Blocks only outgoing transfers, and trades. 

          • System problem (42): Cannot trade tickle. 
          Cause: TICKLE is a FREE power. You recieve it if you have subscription days, and have account locking protection turned 'ON'. Once your days run out, tickle will go until you receive days again.

            • System problem (43): Cannot trade 1 day for 1 day. 
            Cause: This can usually happen when you trade the same thing for the exact same thing. e.g. Purple for Purple wouldn't work because it's the exact same power.

              • System problem (49): The user signed out before trade/transfer was complete. 
              Cause: Their days may have ran out, or it was an automatic log out. 
              Solution: Login to your account again, (other person who logged out) and try to complete the quiz again. 

                • System problem (51): Cannot transfer to bot. 

                • System problem (56): Bot cannot transfer. 
                I hope that this helps you and gives you an idea about the errors you may come across. Any more details, and contact Support . Just click the link and it will direct you there!


                  1. I have a problwm with forgot password, I put email and it says **reCAPTCHA failed.**

                    1. Hello.
                      Do you have any possible screenshots you could provide us with?

                      NOTE TO PUBLIC:
                      This page will be updated in a few weeks, as there have been new errors noticed around xat!

                  2. Hi, I saw the account titled 22 on xat. Are the original admins coming back?
                    Evidence: http://prntscr.com/9on0bi


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