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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

BREAKING NEWS: Power 257 = 'HALLOWEEN2' (Released!)

NOTE: This power has already released and there was no 'testing stage' for this new power.

Hi Everyone!

This is a sudden shock, but to most likely celebrate HALLOWEEN , TOM2 had decided to suddenly release a new power, (which is ID 257) known as the sequel HALLOWEEN2.

NO announcements were made on the xat's twitter page, and I am currently not sure what time or how many have been released so far. However, I do know the price, and I have managed to place a screenshot: (coming as soon as possible)

489 released costing 250 xats each. 5 per user!

NOTE: This is a limited power just like Halloween , and it is a smiley power.

So, why did they make a sequel? Most likely because the original 'Halloween' power is too low in price, and is currently 850 - 900 xats in Trade. Many users are selling, and not as many are buying compared to a couple of weeks ago!

6.34pm GMT: 
The price for the new power is currently going between 280 - 320 xats. Some screenshots are shown below. (remember the power was released around 10 minutes ago!)



So, there we have it! The smileys for the new power can be found on the banner, but will be published on the Blog in a couple of days time!

What do you think of this new power? It's a good idea by xat, but the smileys aren't as good quality as the original in my honest opinion... but I guess we've had alot of Halloween Themed powers, haven't we?

Keep checking the Blog for further updates!
NOTE: The next Blog update will be Wednesday at 5.00 pm GMT.

- Aisha 

Black Friday COUNTDOWN: Power Price Updates!

Hello everyone!

Of course it's been around 2-3 weeks since we last checked up on all the power prices, and of course, to our surprise some powers have dropped!

So, let's get an update, shall we? 

The following MAJOR changes in price:

WAS: 13,000 - 13,300 xats
NOW: 12,200 - 12,500 xats    
- 1000 xats

WAS: 240,000 - 245,000 xats
NOW: 225,000 - 235,000 xats    
- 15,000 xats

WAS: 23,700 - 24,000 xats
NOW: 23,300 - 23,500 xats    
- 400 xats

Other changes:
NAMECOLOR : 9600 - 9700 xats
GOLD : 50500 - 50700 xats
BOOT : 17500 - 18000 xats
ANGRY : 4200 - 4350 xats

Other powers have changed in price slightly as well, but these are the ones that would most likely affect users significantly.

Updates will be posted in a weeks time, check out the new banner to help you be directed to posts such as these!

Take care :-)      
- Aisha

Special ID Auction!

To celebrate Halloween 2013 , 42 had requested to Beet to e-mail him some ID Suggestions to hold up for Auction.

Wanna see? Check out this EXCLUSIVE image he gave me!

Some of these suggestions were taken into account, see if you can spot any of them here:

mhmm, sure are sexy!

Good luck trying to bid, as the Auction ends around 9-10pm BST.
UPDATE: Auction finished at **11pm BST**. Here are the following results, some of which were sold quite cheap ...


- Aisha

Power '232' Glitch

Hi everyone,

Today there seemed to be a new glitch. The power 'STATUSGLOW' is currently showing as '232' when checking a users' power list, as shown below:

Theoretically Power ID 232 is 'SUPER' , that can be found by checking our blog post on it!

The glitch will probably be fixed soon.
- Aisha  

'ZWHACK' Unlimited!

Hi Everyone!

This morning the newest power, 'ZHWACK' had become unlimited in the stores costing 600 xats:

The price on TRADE is around 550 - 580 xats.

Have fun playing!
- Aisha

'ZHWACK': How To Play!

Hi everyone!

This is probably the reaction everyone gave when the new power, 'ZHWACK' had been confirmed:

BUT , not to worry, as this Blog will give you the fully detailed guide onto how to play the game and how to win!

First of, this isn't an original idea, as there's a minigame on 'Super Mario Bros DS' where you need to hit the 'moles' with a hammer, like shown below:

Okay, so let's get started then, shall we...?


Get ready! The halloween themed 'GO' tells you that the game is about to start, (pretty obvious, really?) so be quick on your toes!


Basically, use your mouse as the 'Hammer'. Hover your mouse over the 'Zombies' and then click it to bop them with your hammer. Each Zombie you bop gives you points. The more Zombies you hit, the more points you will get.

The aim of the game is to basically hit as many Zombies you can and get the most points within the time allocated to you, which is around 1 minute.


The time is up, and it shows how many points you have! On the right side of the image, it shows who won the round, which was 42 for this one!






Talking About The New Power: ZWHACK

Hello! It's been time since I've been posting, eh? Anyways, you may or may not have heard that the new power (ZWHACK) is set to be a Game Power!

As you can see here:

Only the volunteers of xat has this new power, if you want to get it, it will be out Saturday or Sunday as I'm sure of.

Power 256: 'ZWHACK'.

IMPORTANT: As the new power is now only classified as 'UNDEFINED' I will no longer be doing posts about the new 'test power' being released. I apologise if this was what you partly came to this Blog to check for.

Hi everyone!

The newest power was confirmed today as ZWHACK. A weird name for a power, only to be known that it was going to be a GAME POWER.

Here is the smiley:

Looks like a Halloween themed power, doesn't it? I quite like the smiley, looks a bit like (foe) in a way, right?

42 and TOM2 were seen on both chats, xat_test AND xat_test2 , as seen in the images below:


Anyway, since it's a 'Game power', I take it you'll want to know what the function is? Well, look no further!


New Power, 'SCARY' (1st) Release ...

Hi Everyone!

This afternoon our newest Halloween themed power was released into the stores!

521 released costing 250 xats each.

This power seems to be going unlimited , but at the moment this power remains LIMITED in the powers store:

This power is profitable, and is currently at the cost of around 300 - 400 xats.

Some images:




Every year on xat, we have a new Halloween Themed Power, and this year is NO different! 2009 was HALLOWEEN, 2010 was HORROR, 2011 SPOOKY, 2012 VAMPYRE, and now we have 2013 ... so what is it?!

It's known as SCARY , which is also ID 253.

With History to prove it, this power could most likely be LIMITED at some point, but remember: This is just a prediction!

Here are the smileys:


So, there you go! What are your thoughts on this new Halloween power? I don't really like the main one, to be honest, but who knows?

Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts, and keep remembering to check THIS blog for the build up for BLACK FRIDAY 2013!
- Aisha

ANI1 Release: ALL The Information, Images, and MORE!

Hi everyone!

At **6.40pm BST** on Saturday the newest power, ANI1 was finally released into the stores, a power which everyone has described as 'ugly' ...

2000 released costing 300 xats . 3 PER USER! LIMITED!

Many thought this was exactly like the unlimited XAVI power, with the release going very slow. It took a staggering 30 minutes for the power to become sold out, with many users having between 10 - 20 among them.

The price during AND after the release was 300 - 330 xats , with everyone selling. But the next morning the price rose to 350 - 400 xats. The price has now dropped, again, and there is now a banner counting down the release ...

This is a limited power.

Further updates will be posted soon! Meanwhile, keep checking this blog for your #01 Updates and Cheats! ;-)
- Aisha    

Xat Power 253! (ANI1)

Hi everyone!

Power 253 has been spotted on xat and has been handed out to the Volunteers, it is known as 'undefined'.

UPDATE: The name has changed to ANI1 but currently does not have a smiley for it. The price is between 1,500 - 2,500 xats. (FRIDAY)

FINAL UPDATE: Saturday, and still the power has not been released. There is now a smiley for it, but the smileys that come with the power are currently not working. The price is 1,000 - 1,500 xats.

So there you go! We can tell you that the new power is an 'Anime' styled one with anime smileys, we'll post you further updates when necessary!

Meanwhile, power prices have continued to drop, mainly limited and epic powers, with EVERYPOWER now at the fair price of 230,000 - 240,000 xats.

What are your thoughts on the new power? Let me know by commenting below!
- Aisha 


Redirect Power - Unlimited?

Hey y'all! Today, the power that people call ''Redirect''
Well, it is unlimited and it's a group power.

What is your favorite animal?
My fav animal: Dog


Good Evening!

The newest power (252) has been CONFIRMED as 'REDIRECT'.


This power was originally spotted as 'Undefined' , but was after last weeks power, 'Eggy', so it was obvious that it would be power 251... BUT!


Because of this, it was later revealed that it was ID 252:


Users on xat_test feel that this was a good idea for the new power, and are wanting it to be pre-released:

There has been a Banner uploaded just recently (6pm BST) and seems to be close to releasing.

When an Owner assigns this power to their chat, it redirects you to another chat. 

E.G. Aisha owns xat.com/AishaBlog, he assigns REDIRECT to the chat to XAT.COM/HELP, users enter AishaBlog, but get redirected to Help because of the new power.

It also comes with a few smileys and 3 limited pawns!

So, there you have it! We'll post you more information when the power releases, in the meantime let me know what you think of this new power!
- Aisha

BLACK FRIDAY 2013... A Little Insight!

Hi Everyone!

This month is OCTOBER , the time of year we usually focus on the upcoming possible Black Friday , with every year being very unique and different.

Anything different happen this year? Nah, the same epic powers have been dropping down in price , so many users have lost some form of profit. It's not just that, though, some limited powers have decreased as well.

Below are most of the powers that have decreased (changed) in price. We have screenshots to prove this to you, if there are any missed out please leave a comment and let us know:


Users are being very optimistic about this tradition like always, but after Black Friday 2012 perhaps it may not be such a good idea to get your hopes up!

Also, with xat being inflated and many users having over 100,000 xats, perhaps profit won't be as decent?

What do you think? We'll be sure to keep on building up to the big day, which is in over 7 weeks time!

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

- Aisha


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