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'ZHWACK': How To Play!

Hi everyone!

This is probably the reaction everyone gave when the new power, 'ZHWACK' had been confirmed:

BUT , not to worry, as this Blog will give you the fully detailed guide onto how to play the game and how to win!

First of, this isn't an original idea, as there's a minigame on 'Super Mario Bros DS' where you need to hit the 'moles' with a hammer, like shown below:

Okay, so let's get started then, shall we...?


Get ready! The halloween themed 'GO' tells you that the game is about to start, (pretty obvious, really?) so be quick on your toes!


Basically, use your mouse as the 'Hammer'. Hover your mouse over the 'Zombies' and then click it to bop them with your hammer. Each Zombie you bop gives you points. The more Zombies you hit, the more points you will get.

The aim of the game is to basically hit as many Zombies you can and get the most points within the time allocated to you, which is around 1 minute.


The time is up, and it shows how many points you have! On the right side of the image, it shows who won the round, which was 42 for this one!






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